81 DNA testing

by sara291

82 cpa or irs

by kitty

83 Doesn't Make You Mad..

by old mama

85 I'm an Auntie!!

by K&H

87 Disney World Vacation

by old mama

90 Tonsils and adnoids

by fisch

91 Only Mom's Can Relate

by old mama

94 car seats...still...

by Shanny

95 Baby Adeline has arrived!!!

by Wannabeasinglemama

97 Potty training advice?

by 2texasmoms

98 Donor 5508

by lovetoflyrotor

99 Donor 445

by rwatson579

101 Single parenting

by sara291

104 Baby Monitors

by old mama

105 update - it has been a while

by momsquared

106 Asian donors

by old mama

107 In-laws and guns

by K&H

110 Donor siblings

by Potandlid

112 Licensed!

by K&H

113 Hello

by Kayyandkiddos

117 Hearing loss

by K&H

119 Such a puzzle

by sara291