Topic: Forum Help

If you are unsure of any terms used on this form there is a Glossary located at the forum entrance,   you can post a question in these forums or contact N.W. Andrology and Cryobank directly.

BB Code and Images are now allowed for usage in signatures.
Signatures can now contain up to 500 Characters and/or 5 lines of content

Simlies in posts are Enables,  HTML code is disallowed.

here is a link to all BB Code … php#bbcode

Avatar Images will be resized to 60px maximum width and should be no larger than 1 megabyte in size.

To Upload Images there are certain criteria's that the image file must match.
- The file must be a .jpg
- The file should be no larger that 1 megabyte in size.
- To resize the image you can use programs such as Google Picasa or Adobe Photoshop or there are free online image resizing resources such as Zebra-it.

To add Images inside a link you can use the following code suggested by Kari:

[url=your fertility friend website][img]your ticker website[/img][/url]

An example of this is:

This page will grow,  so check back often or suggest any items to the Moderators

Enjoy smile