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Topic: Babybugs is finally on the way!

8th try overall. 4th medicated cycle. I have been taking prenatals with DHA and Vit D supplements for over 2 years.

I have PCOS and started taking Metformin 1000mg daily, plus Femara on cd 3-7.  This gave me a predictable LH surge on cd15 each month on the Femara.  The opk lined tests do not work very well for me, as they never get REALLY dark, even when I'm surging.  The smileys were definitely the best way for me to know I was having a surge for sure and I would start using them when I started seeing a faint line on the other opk strips (usually around cd13).  Previous 3 cycles, I triggered on cd15 when I got my smiley and did iui 24 hours later.  This month, I triggered with 10,000 iu of Ovidrel on cd14 the night before I got my natural surge.

This month and last, I was also on Gonal F 75iu injections on cd 5,7,9,11.

We only used 1 vial of IUI at the Dr's office.  I took 100mg of progesterone 2x daily from 3 days after IUI.  I also took baby aspirin each day once I hit about 7 days after IUI.  We got our BFP on cd10 with a faint NWfreebie and FRER.  The next day, the FRER looked lighter to me (but so did my urine, even though it was first morning urine).  Waited until cd12 and my lines were darker on FRER and NWfreebie. 

My beta on cd11 was 38, and it rose to 182 by cd14.  I still can't believe I'm pregnant and I'm a nervous wreck...but an extremely grateful, happy, ecstatic one!  Good luck everyone...hope my stats help in some way.


Re: Babybugs is finally on the way!

Congratulations!!!! Reading your stats is very helpful. I used femara CD5-9 and trigger shot on CD 13 for the first time the month.