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Yep, today is exactly 1 month ago that I turned 40 and it is also the day that my pregnancy was confirmed!!
Here is the story:
Try #1 was April 2009 @ home
#2 July 2009 @ home
#3 August 2009 @ home
#4 September 2009 @ home
#5 July 2010 @ home
#6 August  2010 RE
#7 September 2010 RE  AND BFP but lost to MC a few days later
#8 December 2010 RE (new donor)
#9 February 3, 2011 RE AND A BFP!!!

My first betas were 130.6 !!

I feel so different than the last time and I am so happy.
Things I did different:
After the MC I did go to a chiropractor for about a month.
I listened to a relaxation CD that was for pre ovulation and post ovulation.
I read the SECRET and used the positive energy of the universe and according to my nurse I "willed" myself pregnant.
Didn't hurt that I was also on Follistim and that my lining was the best it had ever been (12mm).
I had 3 follicles on the left and one on the right.  Did the trigger shot 37hrs prior to IUI.
The day of IUI the US showed that my largest follicle was a 24 and that all 3 were "minutes away" from releasing.
DP was able to come with me for the IUI (first time she ever went). 
On the way home I felt a lot of pressure.
When I got home and for the next couple of days I would put a heating pad on my stomach.  I would first turn it on LOW then let it get warm, and then turn it off and then put it on my stomach.  I read somewhere to keep your uterus warm.
On Valentines day (11dpo) I don't know why, but I took a FRER test in the evening,, a LINE popped up,, I ran and got my CBE digital... PREGNANT.
I was scared that it could be the trigger shot in my system, so I kept testing every day until 14dpo,,, kept giving me positives.
On Feb. 17, 2011 had blood drawn and it was confirmed that I am pregnant!!!
Go back for betas on Monday, 2/21/11

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Two thousand thumbs up!

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Congratulations!!!!! What a long and crazy road, but I am so excited that you got your BFP! Stick, babies, stick!

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