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Hi, everyone!  We just got our BFP yesterday and would like to share both what did not work for our first try and what did work for our second try.  This forum has been more valuable than words could ever say, so we want to try to return the favor.

Notes: For both cycles, R was taking prenatal vitamins (specifically One a Day).  She did not cut back on caffeine until she thought that she might be pregnant just last week, and she has been on a low carb diet for the past five years or so (by choice).  She will now be incorporating fruits and more vegetables.

What NOT to do (a.k.a. what we did the first time):
* Do not use IUI vials with just a syringe because there's just not enough in there!

What we did that WORKED (a.k.a. what we did the second time):
* After we got our smiley, we decided that we were going to inseminate at 7 hours past it because we had noticed before that R's surge is rather short.  I think that it's important to note that when she got the smiley, the opening to her cervix did not feel especially wide; 7 hours later, however, it was like the Grand Canyon in there!
* First, we took a vial of ICI out to thaw.  We laid it down on a wash cloth and proceeded to the next step while it thawed.
* We piled several pillows on top of each other on the bed and made sure that her hips were propped up high.
* We sucked some Pre-Seed into one of the applicators that came with it.  We only filled it about halfway and then released it inside of her to allow it to reach body temperature before inseminating.
* She immediately began to stimulate herself with a vibrator to prepare for the insemination.
* Once I saw that the ice had melted off of the vial, I took it from the long holder and brought it to body temperature by holding it under my breast for a few minutes.
* I sucked up a very small amount of Pre-Seed into the syringe and then filled the rest of it with sperm, being careful to remove all air bubbles.
* I covered the tip of the syringe with a bit of Pre-Seed and used my finger to slowly guide the syringe inside of her.
* Once it was as far in as I could go without losing it, I tilted it back toward her cervix and depressed the syringe very slowly (probably took about a minute to get it all out).
* All the while, she was using the vibrator.  As soon as I pulled the syringe out, she brought herself to an orgasm.
* She then spent about 45 minutes with her hips elevated.
* We did exactly the same with the second vial at 24 hours past our +OPK, just as it felt like her cervix was closing. smile

I hope that I didn't forget anything!  Any questions are welcome.  Good luck!

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i am inseminating next week.  That was a huge help
ttc #1 6/11 1 Vial   BFN
ttc #2 3/12 3 Vials BFN
ttc #3 4/12 1 Vial   BFN
ttc #4 March 2013 medicated cycle iui via ob/gyn!!!