Topic: Well... I wasn't keeping track of anything...

Because I thought I had the timing all wrong... But here is my post:

I'm so happy to anounce that I finally get to be on this side!
I'm in total shock because I did one insemination and thought my cm was all wrong so I didn't even bother testing till yesterday at 5 weeks! I have not had any and still have no symptoms lol... other than a missed period and barely sore bbs. As a matter of fact, before af, I get headaches, nausea, sore bbs, low back pain, fatigue, dizzyness, sore tummy, and sensitivity to smells.. so all other months that I have tried I thought I was possibly prego since those are all normal prego signs... since I feel great this month and didn't have any of that, something told me to test but I thought "naw, I'm just being silly... must have had an anovulatory cycle"
The whole reason I tested was to let my brain KNOW that I wasn't pregnant so I cld start my next cycle and I seriously sat in the bar bathroom for 5 minutes saying to myself "o my fricken god!" Over and over again cuz I was at a loss for words. That line showed up right away. I still can't believe that I have a pregnancy test with 2 lines on it! O my fricken god! Then I went to see the midnight showing of Hangover 2 (first movie with my little bun in the oven).
I hope everything works out... that it sticks and isn't ectopic... I can't wait to go to the dr and hear the heartbeat and see my little bean on the screen

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That's awesome!!  I'm so happy for you!  CONGRATULATIONS!

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That is incredible! I love stories like yours!!!