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Maybe many woman feel this way, but for me I truly feel that I was meant to be a mother. My first attempt at becoming a mother was July 2007. I had made the decision to become a SMBC. I ordered the swimmers and they came, but that time my eggs didn't cooperate. I didn't get a smiley so I sent the swimmers back.

August 2009 I gave it another try, this time with my partner at the time even though she wasn't really interested in being a parent. I did conceive this time, unfortunately it did not last. I miscarried.

I tried again in October and it was a BFN.

This is my first time since then.

Now I am in a happy and healthy relationship, with a beautiful woman that I truly feel is my life partner. Together we have decided to become parents and I have never been happier.

I have a 28 day cycle and I usually get a smiley on the 14 or 15 day. Of course this month with swimmers waiting, I didn't get my smiley until day 18 at 2pm. We inseminated on 9/6 and 9/7 at 7, 15, and 28 hours after the smiley.

Today is 6 DPO and here are my symptoms thus far. I feel the same way I did the first time I tried and I was pregnant. But I had some symptoms the second time and I wasn't so I just don't know if it is real or in my head but I want to keep track anyway.

1 DPO Headache, bloated
2 DPO bloated
3 DPO Bloated
4 DPO bloated
5 DPO Bloated, slight nasal congestion, exhaustion and crampy
6 DPO Bloated, slight cramping, and exhaustion

I went to see a new doctor for a routine physical the week before we were set to try, and he noticed I had an ultrasound last month that showed a two cysts. He ordered me a repeat ultrasound to see if the cysts were gone. I had the ultrasound on 2 DPO and it showed a complex cyst on my right ovary. I have to follow-up with an ob-gyn on Sept 30th, hopefully I have a BFP by then as well!

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Today is 7DPO and I'm not feeling much. I'm still very tired, but the bloating is gone. The cramping has been minimal. I may have had some nausea, but that could have been in my head. Why is it so hard to decipher what is real and what is in my head? I wish this time would go by faster!

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8 DPO symptoms are gone. I am so anxious! I talked my partner into letting me test on Friday instead of Sunday.

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Today had bb soreness like Af is coming. Past three days AF like cramps. I don't know what to think. I'm want to stay positive but ugh!

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13 DPO BFN, cramps all night, breasts sore
14DPO BFN, cramps and heartburn
15 DPOBFN and AF started

I feel so sad and confused. Why the symptoms? Why is this so hard, and why does it hurt so much?

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Attempt number #4.

I finally got smiley on day 15 at 1:30 pm. First insem at 10:45pm on day 15, 2nd atttempt at 8am on day 16, 3rd attempt 9 pm on day 16. EWCM noticed at night on day 15 and in the morning on day 16, but it dried up by the third attempt. I used pre-seed for the first time. I also started taking baby aspirin since day 1. I used the catheter/syringe combo every time but the last time.

First time using a new donor.

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This cycle feels different. Last cycle I felt pregnant from day 1 and of course it turns out I wasn't pregnant. This pregnancy, I have only had some cramping off and on since 1DPO and I have been very tired. I don't know if it is a good sign or not but I am trying to stay positive. Today is 6DPO even though it feels like its been two weeks.

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I have very sore bb's, and an achy and crampy belly. My back has been hurting off and on and I am still very tired. Fingers crossed!

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10DPO BFN tired, sore boobs, cramping
11 DPO BFN tired and crampy
12 DPO BFN tired and crampy

Looks like a repeat of last month. I have been cramping for the past couple of days, and the HPT's are stark white. I really want to stay positive. I want to belive I WILL get my BFP this time.

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Af showed last night. Cried a lot. This is so hard. We are taking a break till November. I am going to try to schedule a consultation with a RE. I am also going to work on losing some weight before January.

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I am back. I lost 25 pounds. I started exercising and eating better. I also went to see a RE. I had a sono, HSG, and bloodwork. RE gave me the green light to try two cycles. If I don't get pregnant then he will want to do sugery to check my lining (possible polyps).

I am excited ad ready to go. It has been too long!

I am on cycle day 3. I go next week for ultrasound monitoring, and when I'm ready I will give myself an ovidrel shot. Then it's progesterone suppositories for two weeks. How can this not work?!?

I'm feeling good about this try. I think this will be my BFP!

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So I had my first Dr assisted IUI this month. It was actually two, one was at 2 the day after trigger and a second at 2 the following day. I had some cramping and spotting, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

5 dpiui. I feel good. This is my month. I'm on progesterone so I won't list symptoms since I know it's probably from the progesterone. This month I will get my BFP I can feel it!

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oh goodness. after reading your story.  I want it for you soo bad!!!! good luck lady

ttc #1 6/11 1 Vial   BFN
ttc #2 3/12 3 Vials BFN
ttc #3 4/12 1 Vial   BFN
ttc #4 March 2013 medicated cycle iui via ob/gyn!!!

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Thanks soba!! I am rooting for you too girl!!

Well there is nothing more beautiful than a positive HPT. Of course I am only 6dpo and 8 dpt so I know it is the trigger. But when I saw the positive HPT this morning I couldn't help but stare. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I just kept looking at it. It was so beautiful. It's ok I will have a true BFP in a week!!!

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I got my BFP! I knew this was my month. I decided everyday to be positive and believe I would get it. I am so grateful and happy. There is truly nothing better than this. I go for a blood test tomorrow morning I can't wait!

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First beta 735! I go for my next one tomorrow morning.

Update second beta was 2184!!!!

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I'm 4 weeks and 6 days today. I could see the sac. It's too early to see anything else, but I was so happy to see that sac in the right place, since I was worried about an ectopic. Next week I may see a heartbeat. I can't wait! I got my first baby picture and it's beautiful.

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I saw the heartbeat! It was 103 bpm. I have never been happier ever!

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I starting spotting on saturday night. Me and DP bd, and then I put my supp in. When I went to the bathroom I noticed blood on my underware. There was a browninsh discharge with each wipe. I got nervous, but tried to go sleep. The next day the spotting continued. I called my RE, and even though they told me it was normal and I shouldn't worry I asked to come in for a scan. I had the ultrasound this morning. The baby looks great. heartbeat has gone up to 130bpm. Yayyyy!!!!!!!!

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Trying for baby #2.

We had our first IUI attempt for baby number 2 on 6/14 an 6/15.

Now I am 8 DPO, and feeling some symptoms but I am on progesterone so it's probably that. My bloodtest is scheduled for 6/30, and I can barely wait.

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Excited yall are trying for baby #2 !!! Baby dust !!! Fingers crossed for a bfp!  big_smile


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We're back again. Last cycle in June of 2014 was a BFN. I was very sad, but I spent the last year and a half enjoying my daughter and of course losing weight again. I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight and ready to try again for baby number 2. My daughter has been asking about a baby. It seems like everyone around me is pregnant. Watching her get so big so fast, I have baby fever. I also want her to have a sibling. It would just make me feel better. So we've met with the RE and done all the necessary tests, and everything looks good. I am now just waiting for follicles to be mature enough to do the trigger and then once again we will have back to back inseminations. Today is CD 11 and the biggest follicle was at 10 mm it seems small to me so I am a bit nervous, but still trying to remain positive. I am so ready to have a new baby. I am hoping for a very happy birthday this year!!

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Long week of ultrasounds and blood work. It took till CD 16 to get follicle to 21. I triggered last night and had IUI #1 today. We go back tomorrow for IUI#2/ Fingers crossed this is it!!

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The TWW is torture. I am itching to test, but I know it is way to early. I am thinking of testing out the trigger this time so I will no for sure when I get my positive that is real. My birthday is next week and it would just be the best present ever.

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Another BFN!