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Any news on when the sibling registry will be uploaded? And how, exactly, will it work? Those of us who have children from donors and are open to contact with other birth-siblings for our child can register with our donor #?

All info appreciated! smile

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So, do moderators ever read this forum so that I can get an answer?? lol I keep going to the website and it says "coming soon".

When is soon???!!!

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the board moderators aren't affiliated with NW, so I don't think they'd know much smile

I'm anxiously waiting for the registry too!

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I am looking for any children born of donor 434, who would half siblings with my daughter (born Jan 09).  We'd love to meet you!

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To access the community forum, you simply need to report the pregnancy via your online account.  Once it is approved you are able to access the sibling registry.  Not all of the NW Cryobank users chose to use the sibling registry.  I highly suggest it to all clients, for it is a fun way to share pictures and meet other mothers with children from the same donor.  It is possible that no one else has signed up for the sibling registry for that particular donor.

Thanks, Brittany