Topic: 6664 - It's a GIRL!!!!

Found out a couple weeks ago that we're having a little girl. Only 14 more weeks to go!

I know I saw two other moms who have boys with this donor (one singleton and one set of twins). Someone sent me an e-mail twice and I replied twice, but I'm not sure it was sent correctly. I'm not on the forum enough to understand forum e-mail or how it works exactly. Is it ok to post my e-mail here? I wanted to ask before I did. I would really love to connect with "siblings" and parents.

Re: 6664 - It's a GIRL!!!!

congrats!! you can definitely post your email address here if you're comfortable doing so smile I hope you're able to contact other families with children by the donor - I treasure the relationships I have with the two families I've been in contact with smile

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