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Our BFP Journey:

My advice to women:  If you have tried a few cycles at home and you know your timing has been great, get checked out by the Doctor!!!!!!!!!  Normally doctors say try 6 months at home.  If we would have listened to that motto we would have thrown 4 more months of tons of money down the drain.   Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is okay.

Have an OBGYN that is open and different.  My OBGYN is awesome and knows how expensive it is to try at home with donor sperm.  She did not see the need to continue trying at home until we get further testing.  Without her openness and guidance I would not be reporting my BFP.

April 2010:  AI at home.  2 Vials.  NEGATIVE.

May 2010:  AI at home.  2 Vials.  NEGATIVE.

June 2010:  Taking this cycle off.  After 2 failed cycles at home we went to my OBGYN to have lab work done and found out that I do not ovulate on my own.  Dr will have me start clomid until we find the right dosage.

July 2010:  Took 50mg of clomid CD 3-7.  Blood work shown I did not ovulate.

August 2010:  Took 100mg clomid CD 3-7.  Blood work shown I did not ovulate

September 2010:  Took 150mg clomid CD 3-7.  Blood work shown I ovulated!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2010:  Took this cycle off to give my body a break from the clomid and we had vacation planned the time I would be ovulating

November 2010:  AI at home with 150mg clomid cd 3-7.  3 Vials.  NEGATIVE

December 2010:  AI at home with 150mg clomid cd 3 – 7.  3 Vials.  NEGATIVE

January 2011:  AI at home with 150mg of clomid cd 3-7.  KD. NEGATIVE.

February 2011:  Took cycle off.   After 3 failed cycles at home with clomid, OBGYN referred me to RE.  We were able to get in within 2 weeks of the referral!!

March 4, 2011:  Apt with RE.  Will do Clomid with trigger shot.  Lab work redone.  Found that my thyroid is too high.  Put on thyroid medicine until my levels come down.

April –May 2011:  Took these 2 months off as my thyroid needs to come down.
May 2011:  HSG.  Tubes open.  Everything looks good

June 2011:  First AI with RE:  NEGATIVE  Clomid cd3-7, trigger, AI 36 hours after trigger

July 2011:  Second AI with RE:  PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Clomid cd 3-7 and trigger.  AI after 35 hours after trigger.

What I did differently my BFP Cycle:  No coffee.  Cut back on sweets especially ice cream. Ate a lot healthier more fruits.  Drank lots of water about 6-8 glasses a day.  Juice occasionally.  Learned how to relax and not be so stressed out.

July 2011 BFP, miscarried at 5 weeks.

Re: Our BFP Journey!!!!!!!! FINALLY

Thanks, LovingMoms for this post. I was just about to email you with questions. Our pattern sounds pretty similar to yours, though we haven't been trying quite as long. We sought help from an RE after 4 failed cycles. Anyway, we had an HSG late June, and are starting Femera for CD 3-7 this cycle. So now we have new donor, HCG trigger, and Femera + the increased chances due to having had the HSG. I am soooo hopeful that I'll be right behind you with my BFP! I've wanted a child for so long, and this has been a rough road since I learned that I cannot carry a child. Here's to hoping!
I wish you all the best for a safe and happy 9 months!

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Re: Our BFP Journey!!!!!!!! FINALLY

Ultrasound today, DR confirm we are miscarring. sad 

Lost pregnancy 5 weeks

July 2011 BFP, miscarried at 5 weeks.