Topic: 5th try, finally got pregnant!!

So the month after we had originally planned to stop trying, I went on vacation, no meds and then got an early OPK when I returned so we said what the heck, let's just try. Nurse who did our ultrasound was the same one who did it when we got pregnant with our daughter, follie was 23mm, lining was perfect so the IUI was done! We also switched donors and this was the first time with the new donor.
Here is my timing and my 2WW symptoms:

CD14- got a smiley in the evening about 5pm.
CD15- Did IUI at 3:30pm (22.3 hrs post smiley)

Did not temp and no O pains but assume I ovulated that evening as everything looked imminent on ultrasound.

DPO 1-2 Nothing
3 DPO- noticed my nipples were very tender
4-5 DPO- still tender nipples
6DPO- Breasts started to feel tender, headache, and really emotional and irritable, Started feeling like this was not the month again and just an emotional wreck.
7DPO- terribly fatigued all day, congested, breast still tender especially in afternoons, headache, started to feel hungry between meals
8 DPO- nauseated before breakfast and again before lunch, occasional light headedness, fatigue and hungry again
9DPO- breasts more tender upon waking, nauseated again before and during breakfast.
10 DPO- irritable, hungry all the time, breasts still tender and this evening lots of veins showing on breasts. Took FRER in the afternoon- BFN
11 DPO- FRER at 7:15am (had peed at 3:30am) faint line, another faint line at 1pm.
Peeing a lot, still irritable, some cramping, increased appetite!
12 DPO- FRER darker line and ClearBlue Digital said Pregnant!!! Today feel appetite is weird, feeling low energy but happy. Got blood test today.

Will get second blood test on wed- 14 DPO to make sure everything is going ok.

Biggest signs were tender nipples from 2 DPO on, breasts got sore early on and stayed sore, some veininess at 10 DPO, and significant irritability!!! Hoping that everything continues to go well for us!! Thanks for all the support and well wishes!!

-Rebecca (Blessed mom of two beautiful, healthy girls) … 6174_n.jpg

Re: 5th try, finally got pregnant!!

Just wanted to say: woohooo! smile