Topic: TTC items for sale and a heartbeat monitor.

Okay I have 33cbe digital smileys, 13 wondfo LH strips 9 expired nw LH strips you can try them or toss them. 3 unopened preseed plastic syringe your things (what you use to pull it up). I have two bottles Fenugreek & Thyme one bottle sealed the other I opened to see what they looked like same thing for two bottles of Blessed Thistle. One sealed one open. Then the baby doppler, it is from baby sounds you have headphones or somehow you can connect it to your stereo to hear through speakers. It has picked up our heartbeat around 10 to 14 weeks. Different on the two pregnancies. The doppler I will not send until our baby has been delivered. I am looking for the best offer. Please pm me, but let me know you have otherwise I don't check my mail. Not sure how it works, I think you have to replace certain parts but we will also have a near new hardly used medela pump. It is double electric but not hands free. We won't get rid off that until about a month after our baby arrives. Cyndi can't bf longer than a couple weeks at best due to bp meds.  Tell me what you think. The pump is in great shape what I mean by replacing parts is just the pieces that might have contaminated body fluids. Not sure how that works just seen it for sale before. Thanks!