Topic: Our BFP deets!

Me: 33 years old, regular cycles 27-28 days with O usually on day 13. No fertility issues that I knew of.

10/2010-2 ICIs at home using syringe and speculum. Just coated cervix. Had to get up 30min after both times. Multi, EPO, Flaxseed, 1 cup coffee per day. BFN.

11/2010-2 ICIs at home. Once using catheter just inside OS and the 2nd blindly with syringe. Acupuncture, Multi, B6, EPO, Flaxseed, Pineapple, 1 cup coffee per day. BFN.

12/2010-2 IUIs at home. Challenging but successful. Great timing. Acupuncture, Multi, B6, EPO, Flaxseed, Pineapple, 1 cup coffee per day. Weak ovulation based on temp chart so I was discouraged. Yep, BFN again!

1/2011-2 ICIs and 1 IUI with NEW donor. This is the first month my OPKs were unreliable. (See past posts for details). Had to rely more heavily on other signs like CM, temps, position and opening of cervix, O pains, dreams, and intuition. Did the 2 ICIs 5 hours apart because we thought my cervix was closing when actually it was at the beginnings of opening. Slept all night. Did IUI the next evening after checking cervix ALL day. Did IUI when my O pains were incredibly strong and my cervix was starting to close. My O pains stopped 2 hours later. Perfect Timing!!!

4th cycle did no acupuncture, drank decaf coffee, took vitamins when i felt like it, no flaxseed or EPO this month, and only a tiny bit of pineapple for 4 days. Had a very strong ovulation based on my temps. Had temp dip with implantation and then it moved triphasic.

Tested BFN mornings of dpo 8,9,10. 16 hours later on 10 dpo, i tested with FRER and got a noticeable pink line. Took a digital with same urine and got "PREGNANT!"

I'm convinced that switching donors is what did it for us. It was difficult to switch but a "3 strikes, you're out" rule worked for us.

12 dpo beta was 62.
19 dpo beta was 1770

7 week sono showed one baby with heartbeat of 140.

We are expecting our little miracle on October 14, 2011.

Good luck and hope this helps someone! This board is what gave us the knowledge we needed to get our BFP!
Avery 2.5 years and Julian 4.5 months

Re: Our BFP deets!

OMG what a beautiful name and baby !!! congratulations