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We decided once our son Sebastian turned a year old that we would begin TTC #2, especially because it took us 9 cycles to conceive our son.
Well our 2nd cycle of TTC #2 got us our BFP! Yay!

We went back to our same OB who helped us conceive and eventually deliver our son...we LOVE her! I got all of the necessary bloodwork to confirm I was ovulating, etc. in early March in time to give it a go in April.
I was concerned that I would have to fully wean our son Sebastian before we begun this journey, but after confirming that I was ovulating and speaking with my OB about it, I realized that wasn't necessarily the case. :-) So I kept breastfeeding...
We got a BFN that first cycle and I think our timing was simply a little late (IUI at 28hrs past +OPK).

I didn't do anything different this cycle...I don't temp, I used CB digital OPK's starting on CD11 as usual, I still had coffee every morning and a nice glass of wine many evenings, I have been taking prenatals for years now since before we conceived our son.
CD14 I got my smiley and called our OB. We went in for the IUI 21hrs after the +OPK (almost the exact same timing we used with our son).
Around 6-7 DPO I started to feel something...I had a backache, I was tired, and was breaking out (very unusual for me). 8-10 DPO I was pretty certain this was it...while my symptoms were totally different from my prior pregnancy, I just felt pregnant. I never test early, but I was DYING to all of a sudden...11DPO I woke up and tested with a FRER...two lines almost immediatly. BFP! :-)

Thanks for letting us share!
October 2014

Re: Our newest BFP

Such a great story! Thanks for sharing. I am so happy for you that it only took two cycles this time as I know the first time was a much longer process for the two of you. Excited to follow your progress  smile now you need another ticker!
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Re: Our newest BFP

Oops...Nevermind, you already have one. So exciting!
Avery 2.5 years and Julian 4.5 months