Topic: Videos on carseat safety

Trying not to thread-jack the other car saftey thread  smile   I thought I would post a few youtube videos here that we use in carseat safety clinics, the first one is about 6 minutes long and the gentleman narrating says it better then anyone else.  The others are all short, and show crash test dummies in various impacts.  Obviously, no one can tell you how to parent your child, including on safety issues.  But we can all educate ourselves for the best possible outcome for our childrens safety - as we say in the clinics here in town "the laws are based on the minimum of saftey performances, do you chose to parent at the minimum of your abilities?"

I really like this one, for camera purposes they put the RF seat in the front seat, but look at the difference!

This is good for showing unrestrained kids... and remember, an improperlly installed seat is not much better then no seatbelt at all! … re=related … o&NR=1

Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013.  6th baby, so much love!