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Today "J" had been going potty forever and I (being the great mom that I am) keep yelling at him to hurry up and quit messing around in there. I finally went in and he said he "had a poop stuck". I lifted him of the potty and noticed his rectum was OUTSIDE of his body!

The ER docs acted as if it was no big deal and maybe it isn't. Any in the medical field know???? He had surgery for mal-rotation of both small and large intestine when he was 7 mo old so because of this I know the intestine is not tacked in as strong as others. Will this continue to happen? From what I have read on the internet (I know NEVER read about a condition you kid has!) it will eventually need surgery. Is this correct or no?

I will obviously talk to his normal doc tomorrow but by time we got home the office was already closed.
Anyone have experience or knowledge of this????

Re: Prolapsed rectum???? lots of TMI!!!

I know two people personally who have/had this. One was much older, in high school when the issue began occurring, she did also have prior intestinal issues in childhood and eventually had surgery done to correct the problem. But apparently it is indeed not totally uncommon nor a big deal medically speaking. The other person I know had it as a child and apparently the problem sort of resolved itself, mostly...he never had surgery and was just advised to ensure he does not get constipated forcing him to "push" harder than usual.

Hope you get the answers you need to help this not happen again...must have been quite the shock to you and your little guy. :-/
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Re: Prolapsed rectum???? lots of TMI!!!

I work in a nursing home, and I see it frequently.  It is the same few people that it happens to repeatedly.  We just push them back in.  There has not been any talk of repair, but in the elderly they don't recommend "elective" surgeries.  I imagine the ER docs weren't phased because they see it often too and know that it is not an ER.  Hopefully it can resolve itself as mentioned.  I am sorry that this happened to you both!

Re: Prolapsed rectum???? lots of TMI!!!

Oh my goodness! How surprising! What a tough mom you are to not freak out, I know I would have!
Along the lines of not getting backed up and having to push, E drinks Naked Juice Green Machine and it keeps her very regular and never too hard.

Re: Prolapsed rectum???? lots of TMI!!!

I know a few people with this. Most are elderly and don't have any significant treatment due to age. In the younger group, surgery will probably be needed, although in some cases the muscles strengthens on their own. I imagine that since he is so young and having the problem already, that surgery will be needed eventually.

Sorry you are dealing with this!

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