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I'm already ordering some Christmas toys and videos.  Earlier this week a co-worker shared with me a cool logic game she uses with her second graders called Castle Logic.  The company that makes them is called SmartLogic, and they have a whole line of products for difference ages (one mom posted all the toys and their recommended ages in the top review on amazon).  I'm getting Camelot Jr for Justin for Christmas.  There's a book of 40 castles you have to configure that gets increasingly harder as you progress through the levels.  Some adults said they were challenged by the Expert ones.

I'm really tired of one-trick pony toys, and toys that take batteries. 

What are your kids' favorite toys?  (And what ages are your kids?)

Juliet's (20M) favorite right now is an overturned colander and some pipe cleaners.  Poke, poke.  And she likes grabbing Justin's clothes and throwing them over the baby gate in the cat's room.  Good times.  wink  Justin's (4) is his Mickey Mouse scooter, which he uses to play "parade" or "race" or "restaurant" or whatever other idea pops into his head.

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For Z who is 5 - cars. Cars, cars and more cars. Hot wheels 24/7 it seems. He does love sports & all though its very limited he loves his Cars video game. Here and there a little dress up, trains & play kitchen. Outside he loves his bike.

R is 3 and loves cars, trains, tractors & anything with wheels. I plan on buying him a fire truck since we already have SO much of what he already loves :-/

Both though mostly R is semi interested in pirates. So a small like fisher price pirate ship is also a gift I'm planning on.

I'm also buying both punch cards to two local kid places since I figured it would be nice to have once the baby comes & with crappy weather.

Other then that I'm not sure. They have so much stuff :-( And their birthdays are March & April so summer things or new bikes come then.

Oh I bought a few new train pieces & I assume I'll do as I did last year & set it up but borrow a few of their old tracks. Last year I made a Lego table & they still love it.

With baby due 12/22 Christmas will hopefully be simple this year . . Though I often end up doing to much. I guess as part of their gift since it is expensive we're going to do the Polar Express train ride.

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Re: Cool toy suggestions - please add!

At almost 5, Shiloh is in love with animal toys.  Stuffed animals, molded animals, any animals.  She is particularly fascinated by big cats.  Her favorite is the jaguar but she doesn't discriminate against cheetahs and tigers!  She also wants anything her siblings have.  She would LOVE her own smart phone.  Not happening.  She loves playing with her brother's dragons and action figures too.  My 12 year old loves nerf guns and playing sniper and covert ops.  Shiloh has no interest in weapons but shadowing him in the sneaky stealth play is a big with her.

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Great idea! I put the SmartGames "Smart Car" on G's list. It's geared for 36 months - 8 years, so it may be a tad early for christmas, but would be a great birthday gift as well.
At 25 months, G's favorite thing is this little container with a slit in the lid, and a snap flap at the bottom and he puts plastic coins in the top and then opens the flap and pours them out. He likes pouring things and moving things from one container to another. So sand is a huge hit right now. And anything with wheels, he loves!

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Tiny loves balls and books.  Big balls, little balls, balls of yarn, anything spherical.  And any book, mine, hers, a magazine that came in the mail.  I'm thinking Christmas will be easy for her this year, because she honestly does not care!  For her birthday we are asking all her friends and family to chip in on an outdoor climbing thingy with a slide, because "climbin" is her other obsession, I swear she can scale the walls!

I love that wooden castle puzzle game, might need to look into that!

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I'm going to look into the SmartLogic stuff-- cool recommendation!

Olivia is really into puzzles-- dinosaurs in particular!  We found a brand at a local toy store that seems to hold up well and have pieces that are a great size ( large, but not enormous ).  We also found that Amazon carries these puzzles--Ravensburger, for about $10.  Wooden blocks, Legos, her ukulele, my recycling, my shoes, and any blankets or towels that can be turned into a cape are all hits too!

Elliott is already into anything with wheels and balls!

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I will check into those toys.  They look like fun.

M's favorite toys are duplos and the Melissa and Doug farm block puzzle (the one with a bunch of different pictures but one set of cubes). He loves to use the blocks to make his own pictures for me.

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Charcoaleyes, oh that Melissa and Doug puzzle, we also have it and I get irritated with how terrible I am at it :-). Seriously though it is cool and Liv also likes making her own puzzles out of it.

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Sara- for the boys, Neo Tracks. E played with them at a friend's house today and LOVES them.
Zen- for Shiloh, Animalz, fun wooden animals that are slightly different. Or Calico Critters

E just turned 3 and her favorite things right now are babies, rocks, books, and music. She got a fisher price my first CD player, or something like that from her godparents and she is obsessed with it. She wants to play te same song over and over again until she knows all the words.

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Sebastian's current favorites:
A Melissa&Doug recorder we got as a hand-me-down, it is available on Amazon as well: … s=Recorder
Wooden blocks or Duplos, really anything he can build with.
His train table that he got last Christmas.
Costumes of ANY kind...we have a bin full of tutus, capes, hats, etc. I find most of these second hand at consignment shops (now is the time to look with Halloween right around the corner).
His pink scooter.
His skate board deck (no wheels) a friend of mine gave him. He is obsessed with it and we are so tired of hearing "Mom, watch this trick me do!" It is available on Amazon: … PDKIKX0DER

Harry's favorites:
A kazoo. I kid you not, our almost 8 month old plays a kazoo like no one can!
A tambourine, it came with the Melissa&Doug music in a box set.
His brothers trike...the spinning pedals really entertain him.
Indian cloth prefold diapers. He sucks on them, covers his face with them, throws them, and generally carries them everywhere. Silly kid!
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My son LOVES his Wedgits, and during breaks he begs me to bring home Magnatiles, Magformers, or Zoob blocks.  These can be spendy but my 5 year old is entertained for hours!

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Mommylove, R loves kazoos too! I added one to her music basic when she was about 5 months old and it was love at first sight. She loved playing the first one she had so much that eventually the membrane inside broke when she would wave it around with glee when we'd clap after she serenaded us. She still tried to play it after the membrane broke, but wasn't as enthralled with it. I got her a new one right before her first birthday and she is back to serenading. R also loves my fancy pearwood pentatonic and diatomic Waldorf flutes and loves figuring out how to make them whistle.

Other suggestions that kids in my family and kids I teach like...
-Magnatiles are a huge hit. Legos or any kind of building toys are great, from small pieces to huge cardboard "bricks".
-Art supplies (even something like homemade edible finger paint) are always great.
-Musical instruments - shakers & maracas, recorders & flutes, a rainstick, drums, small harps, bells, finger cymbals, a ukelele, little pianos or big pianos, cds with kids songs or folk music or whatever you want to listen to also
-Toys that encourage movement like bicycles, scooters, jump ropes, balls, frisbees, swingsets and climbers, etc.
-Always, always books. Just start with something that you know they're interested in or your own childhood favorites and expand from there.
-Imagination play is great for encouraging creativity and empathy (puppets of all kinds, dolls, Playmobile sets, animal sets, costumes, kid kitchens & play houses or even a giant cardboard box).
-Nature (sea shells, beautiful/fancy bird feathers, geodes, and rock or gem collections)

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One ride on toy that totally fascinated all 15 kids I raised and amazing lasted through almost to the very end was a Cozy Kid ride on car...we had the original red, rounded top I just looked it up and they have one with a built on shopping cart on the back or a taxi cab or police car look...only $40...but if I get PG it will definitely be on my list once again. They played with it well into preschool.