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I think many people need to read this and think about what these women are saying about how we sabotage ourselves sometimes. … al_fanpage

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Thanks for posting this Shanny.  I also read the link in the article about "5 breastfeeding myths."

I think there are so many forms of sabotage towards breast feeding.  Like everyone talking about reasons you can't breastfeed- PCOS, for instance.  Even in pro-breast feeding circles some things drive me nuts.  The whole idea about nipple confusion really drives me batty.  So many LCs discuss how to prevent it -syringe feeds, spoon, etc - all making the actual nursing relationship seem that much more fragile. 

Well, lets see - I have PCOS. I had a c-section.  My babies were late preterm.  I hemorrhaged.  I did not get to put my babies right to the breast within in 30 minutes.  I did not start pumping right away.  In fact, I didn't pump until at least 30+ hours after their birth.  I didn't hold them for even longer.

Oh yeah, and there were two of them.

Who were formula fed for the first five days.

With not slow-flow bottles.

And they got pacifiers. 

You just try to tell my boys that breastfeeding is hard.  And they've been feed at the same time since day one not because I had help, but because I was home alone.  Yeah.  We are nursing bad *sses!

I was going to include a picture of breast feeding both of them, but I don't have one since I don't have any hands while nursing ... Yet!!

This tiny tirade is not to belittle anyone's struggle with breast feeding.  I have also sobbed, cried, panicked, freaked out, and screamed at my partner for not getting to Whole Foods before it closed to buy herbal supplements.  I am always worried Luca isn't getting enough (smaller twin)* and it was dang hard to step off the ledge and drop our bottles (with calorie fortifiers!) and go to the breast.  But, we did it.  And I'm damn proud.

* Yeah, I bought a scale.  I'm that girl.  I'm not holier than thou, just feeling pretty good about breastfeeding today.
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Re: pumping, breastfeeding and supply

That is great aplusa!  I always wondered how moms with twins did it.  I also bought a scale.

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*stands up and applauds aplusa*  Because that girl deserves a little recognition!

Back to the OT, yep yep yep.  Yes, some women do have low supply, insufficient glandular tissue, or make lots of milk that is so low calorie their babies cannot thrive on it.  Because our bodies are not perfect, all the time.  But I whole heartedly agree that MOST women make sufficient milk for their baby/babies.  Come on, my body just made a HUMAN, I'm sure it can handle sustaining it for a while longer.  That's what it was meant to do, and most of the time, that's what it does.  I'm not one to bash formula feeders, by choice or chance, how YOU choose to feed your baby is your business and no one elses, but I will share articles like this, and am studying to become a lactation consultant because I want to try to change this trend of not trusting our bodies.  When a problem arises, then let's look for medical support, but if all is going tickety boo, then don't try to fix whats not broke!

It saddens me when I hear of those women who DO have low supply issues.  Not all bodies work perfectly all the time.  Ears are supposed to hear, but I'm deaf, so I totally "get" that things can fail, boobies too.  But it angers me when "I didn't have enough milk" is tossed around as an excuse, when it has not been looked into, or you know full well the mother would rather be drinking (yes, I sadly know a few like this).  Because every time one mom says "I didn't make enough milk for my baby" then another starts to wonder "what if I don't make enough?  AM I making enough?"  And we start this nasty self doubt spiral all over again.

Thankfully, I know my girls do what they are supposed to do.  Right now they are happily producing milk for my 5.5 week old, my 2 year old, and the neighbours 7.5 week old  smile

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yay apulsa!!

Thank you for posting this.  I really with drs were more well versed in lactation.  My SIL said she had low supply b/c she wasn't pumping crazy amounts like her doctor wanted to, and she kept supplementing with formula instead of just letting the baby nurse.  I tried to support her and tell her to ditch the pump and just let baby nurse and go to a lactation consultant.  But, I was just a crazy breastfeeder who didn't know anything that her Harvard educated doctor didn't know (my rant on Harvard educated professionals will be saved for another time).  She is no longer bfing.  She stopped at 4 months b/c she wasn't producing enough milk. I wish we could trust our bodies more