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Topic: Good & successful induction stories?

I hate the idea of being induced. I also hate the idea of having her the week of Christmas. My Dr suggested depending on how my cervix is scheduling an induction at 39-40 weeks. Since I've already successfully had one child they are more willing I guess. My hospital has one of the lowest C-Section rates & overall is pretty against induction. They wouldn't even consider it until I was 10-days late with R. (Ended up going into labor though on my own). I do believe they will not agree to an induction unless they really think it will be successful. I know several people who are scheduled to be induced like weeks in advance with out even being checked.  Please do not tell me the cons of inductions. I'm already quite aware. I don't think I would even consider it if it was not the week of Christmas. I'm also not very into scheduling around a schedule but I'm at least looking into it.  I don't even have anyone who could take Riley if she happened to come the 23rd-25th.
They will only consider induction if I'm 2-3 cm already & would break my water. Wait & see if anything happens & if not after a few hours start  pitocin will be started. I just think of horrific labor a when I think induction.

I'm not set on this whole plan. I had a great & easy labor with Riley and am scared that it will/may be a LOT worse with an induction. Any one have any successful stories where things went smoothly? I have no idea what to expect with an induction. I know with pitocin contractions can come on faster & stronger. I have no idea how breaking the water is. I was pretty far along & already had pain meds when my water broke on its own with Riley.

I go back next week on Thursday and will be checked then. I'll be 38 weeks 4 days. At 36 weeks 1 day I was checked but not dilated & cervix high & closed. Today was not checked but baby sounds great & is low. I've felt a lot more pressure so we're hoping that causes some change in the cervix in the 2 weeks it will be between being checked. I know really she could come early on her own but given Riley was 10 days late they said the chances are slim.

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Other than having someone to take Riley is there another reason the week of Christmas bothers you so much?  I know you said your sister and V both want to be there but when push comes to shove (literally) one of them will just need to stay with Riley.

I don't think Christmas birthdays are ideal, heck I don't even love Kate's 12/1 birthday. But I look at the positive - since she was 9 days late her birthday will never actually fall on Thanksgiving. My niece was born 12/29.  It sucks for a lot of reasons but it wouldn't be any better if she were a week earlier or later.

I'd never schedule an induction for convenience and with your first labor being a good one I really wouldn't mess with that. I hope you can make peace with just letting her come when she will. I know it is hard but try not to stress about it smile


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I was induced at 39 weeks with my first baby because at 3 cm my dr offered it. At the time I didn't know any of the negative stuff. It was great.  I had an easy labor and no problems.  Pitocin was started at 9:30 and she arrived at 1:25. This time I was scheduled for an induction at 40 weeks because of my clotting disorder. I was more informed and concerned, but I was told as long as I was already dilated to 3 it wouldn't be an issue. I went into labor on my own before then. I don't know what being induced would have been like this time, but it was a much easier labor the first time.

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My sister was comfortably, easily and successfully induced with all four of her babies, her labours ranging from 11 hours (first) to about 5 with the fourth.


Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013.  6th baby, so much love!

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I had an induction scheduled because of my schedule as well.  Doing child care I had to schedule  my time off for my parents and scheduled it for my 41st week, knowing I had people to cover for me if he came earlier but if he came after that those people wouldn't be available.  I refused to have less than a week  with him before the kids and mayhem came back.  At my 40 week appointment I was 3 cm and 90% effaced so my doctor was comfortable with scheduling a Friday induction (40 weeks 4 days) even though they typically won't consider it until 41 weeks.  As it turns out I went into labor naturally that Wednesday so I didn't need to be induced at all and that gve me 11 days off with baby.  I needed every one of them to recover from a difficult birth too (a difficult natural birth just to clarify.)  Personally, if things were looking ready, I would definitely consider an induction to avoid my child forever having to have a Christmas birthday. Having a Christmas birthday sucks and everyone I have talked to who has one hates them.  My nephews is the 23rd and that's bad enough - and always really tough to celebrate when we are trying to get ready for Christmas.  Also I would consider an induction if that meant te difference between my mom and sister being there or not - that was also very important to me. 

My sister has been induced and gone into labor naturally and she definitely agrees the induction lead to more painful contractions, she really had no other complications and all three deliveries went well.  She also ended up asking for an epidural with all three though each time she tries to go without.