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My nipples are still pretty sensitive & it can vary depending on the day. Emelia turned 2-weeks yesterday and I can't remember if it the pain I felt when first nursing Riley lasted this long. Some times it not to bad or and others its pretty intense. The latch on can hurt & then the first 5 or so seconds but often in general I'm sensitive. Showers hurt, and any extra friction like my bra or at night with blankets. I thought perhaps she had thrush which I know can cause problems for mom but its not getting worse and Vanessa said her white tounge easily wiped off (no patches anywhere) so I'm hoping its just milk tounge. She often can be rough on my nipple latching on though overall I think gets a good latch. Then a few times yanked on me while stretching. If it is sore its hard to give it a rest with how often she eats. Sound normal? I figured if it hurts past week 3 I may call the doctor.

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I just went ahead & called the Dr. If it is thrush I don't want to have to deal with this over the weekend. Waiting on a call back

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It's still perfectly normal - you described an absolutely normal thing. smile

On Facebook, check out a group called BRAs - Breastfeeding Resources and Support. It's super helpful for questions like these.

The sharpness will fade in another week or so, or less. Try the Lanisnoh creams for soothing, and know that you are doing awesome by your baby.

~ Sandy

Re: Breast pain still?

Did you get in to see the doctor about the potential thrush?  I battled it for ages when Kate was much older. She never got it somehow but I couldn't seem to get rid of it. It is very similar to the discomfort of the first few weeks of nursing so I don't have any advice except to just see a doctor if you haven't already to be sure.

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sounds normal to me, but glad you're getting it checked out

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