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Topic: What do/did you crave?

Here is a fun and non-controversial topic..
What are you craving during pregnancy? Or what did you crave while you were pregnant?

I still have pretty bad morning sickness but I started Zofran and it helps a lot. Sometimes I can't eat anything but pretzels and ginger ale and sometimes I get a craving and I can't stop think ing about it till I have it. I am normally a very healthy eater. Even pretzels are a really a unusual thing in our home. But lately I have wanted things like French fries and a cheese burger. Not like a nice homemade one but like diner food. All the sudden this morning I started craving hummous,  I'm a little afraid to eat it though cause I get reflux from garlic.
Also for the first time is probably 15 years I had to have red vines yesterday.


Re: What do/did you crave?

I craved tuna melts and french fries.  And I could not tolerate or stand the idea of sugar.  Anything sweet was like torture to me.

H craved greek yogurt with honey, and then later on spaghetti.


Re: What do/did you crave?

I also didn't really want anything sweet....

The only things I wanted - and it was so fleeting you could barely call it a craving were:
-scalloped potatoes
-pudding pie

I did not get to eat any of these things while pregnant. But have had both since!

I was basically just hungry alllllll the time.  I had also read a book about optimizing nutrition during a multiples pregnancy and the calorie/protein needs were ridiculous.  So I just ate and ate and counted grams of protein.  If I got to 100g, I felt it was a good day.  Maybe I never allowed myself to crave since I just kept eating - all day and all night.  smile

My partner actually joked that she felt cheated that she didn't have any evening runs for something!

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Re: What do/did you crave?

I haven't really had any cravings in the sense that I just HAVE to have something.   But I am normally a healthy eater (snacks of carrots and hummus, greek yogurt, string cheese, meals of whole grain brown rice and Brussels sprouts and organic chicken, whole wheat pastas and organic tomatoes, spinach salads, etc.) If we do order out I usually get thin crust veggie pizza or Mediterranean food or the like.

Know what sounds good since I've gotten pregnant?  Hot wings.   Cheese fries.  Pizza, like Pizza Hut pan pizza style with mushroom and pepperoni.   Jalapeno poppers.  More hot wings.  Gyros. Strawberry milkshakes.   And the other nigt I wanted Chipotle so badly, but it was 12:30 am and they were closed.

So in general, greasy spicy food.  Hot wigs sound good right now.


Re: What do/did you crave?

The first three weeks of my pregnancy, before the all-day-but-especially-evening-sickness started, I craved huge elaborate salads.  I think my body knew what was coming--a complete aversion to veggies--and was trying to get them in while it could.  During the afternoons at work I will crave random things and then make a plan for acquiring the random thing of the day after work, but 5 PM rolls around and I start to feel awful and end up eating a cup of yogurt for dinner.  Pregnancy has been a bit of a surprising trip for me.  I've always eaten healthy, balanced meals, but also snack on on junk, particularly sweets.  Ever since the nausea started though, there is no such thing as a balanced meal for me.  Junk that used to make me drool completely turns my stomach now.  I've had an occasional bowl of ice cream, but that's it.  My diet now consists of really bland carbs and yogurt.  I force myself to eat veggies a couple times a week, but I feel so terrible afterward, it's days before I can try again.  I feel so bad for the baby!  I can't wait for this stage of pregnancy to pass so I can get some healthy food to the kid.

Re: What do/did you crave?

I literally ate the same 10-15 foods throughout my entire pregnancy and for several months after. Mac and cheese and chocolate milk were on that list and then the poor kid turned out to have issues with dairy. For me, it was more food aversions than cravings. When I wasn't quite showing yet I went to my favorite steak house and ended up seeing my ex there. I could not touch my steak, but assumed it was the drama of seeing "him". Then a couple months later I was at Tavern in the Green in NYC and I could not eat my steak. I absolutely love steak and red meat in general so I was bummed and it took my a while to realize it was a pregnancy related aversion. Oddly enough, the kid loves steak.


Re: What do/did you crave?

Beer!! I am more of a wine drinker, and never liked beer, but when I was pregnant, I really craved beer. Also ice cream and chocolate milk.


Re: What do/did you crave?

Oh beer was big time on the aversion list!  In fact I could not/would not/did not drink beer until after I finished nursing and then some. So about 3 1/2 years!


Re: What do/did you crave?

I've had mad cravings for some unknow food.  Usually Newman's Own Lemonade with frozen berries will satisfy my need to graze or find that "perfect food."  Lately I've been hugry for Amy's gluten free mac and cheese as well as veggie steamers that come with cheese.  While I love Amy's mac and cheese, usually I would turn up my nose to prepackaged cheese-ish sauce and veggies.

I've had pretty strong aversions to chicken, expecially if I can smell it cooking.

Re: What do/did you crave?

Macaroni and Cheese. I wanted it all day long and I would have it. Sometimes I would eat two boxes of the velveeta shells and cheese in a day. I also really craved fruit. Could not get enough cherries, peaches, grapes, and apples.

My weird "cravings" included walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke. I don't smoke and think it stinks. But during pregnancy, I loved smelling it. I'm also not much of a drinker but I would crave a glass of wine pretty often.

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Re: What do/did you crave?

i majorly craved cheese of all kinds.

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Re: What do/did you crave?

I didn't like water before getting pregnant but once I was I couldn't drink enough of it. It was the best thing in the world, but going to the bathroom every hour really sucked. I also LOVED chicken quesadillas with caramel sauce, and pickles. I didn't have a craving for any sort of sweets and usually I drink lots of pop but pop became disgusting to me.


Re: What do/did you crave?

Candy, oreos anything with lots of sugar! This just started a couple of weeks ago. Before that I craved bagels with dill havarti cheese and garlic salt. I had to eat one every night, yummy..

Re: What do/did you crave?

All I wanted for most of my pregnancy was Pop 'ems cinnamon powder sugar mini donuts.  I went to many many stores, and even made DP stop in every town on a 5 hour road trip looking for them.  I even cried in a Safeway because I couldn't find these damn donuts. I only ever found one box at about 30 weeks prego.  That store never had them again.  I also really liked lime sherbet and sprite floats...so good.

Re: What do/did you crave?

I wanted red meat ALL THE TIME! I ma not a big meat eater but it was all I wanted at EVERY meal! And the cherry dipped ice cream from the dairy queen, not the ice cream just the cherry shell!


Re: What do/did you crave?

Boog:  Oranges, apples and apple fritters smile

Moose:  Chips and salsa, Aero bars and apple juice

Tiny:  Tomatoes, blueberries and orange juice

Chubbers:  Burgers and fries, from A&W.  Breakfasts, from A&W.  Iced tea, from A&W.  I think I ate 5 meals a day there when I was pregnant with him, it was the only thing I craved and didn't chak up!


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Re: What do/did you crave?

ODD- Arby's curly fries, Jimmy Johns subs, string cheese with a side of chocolate milk but it had to be winder dairy milk and ovaltine

YDD- Sweets and hot/spicy foods. I would crave buffalo chicken wings 24/7. Don't know how many times my poor husband had to do runs to Chili's or the grocery store to get me wings. I also drenched EVERYTHING in franks hot sauce.

This boy- Coke and Kozy shack vanilla and tapioca pudding. OMFG that Kozy shack pudding is a-mazing. I spend a lot of time this pregnancy in L&D and that's what the hospital carries. They know better than to EVER come into my room without a fresh coke and a kozy shack pudding and have is specifically ordered up from the cafeteria to stock the fridge smile

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Re: What do/did you crave?

At nine weeks I just remembered that food tastes good. Now all I want in cheeseburgers. I've had one cheeseburger in 8 years but now it's all I want and think about. All the cheeseburgers.

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Re: What do/did you crave?

My previously Kale-Qunioa eating wife now wants all the bad foods! Pizza, bbq, fried chicken and waffles! It's fun for me because she never let us eat like that before...but I've got to watch out... I'll enjoy it too much.... hmm

She can't stand anything with vinegar-so no pickles, aversion to onions and fruit smoothies.


Re: What do/did you crave?

I just want any type of chocolate and salt & vinegar chips, oh and rootbeer!  wink


Re: What do/did you crave?

I'm so delighted to not be sick anymore, and I've been hit with my first real craving: cheese quesadillas. I've preferred salty things for this whole pregnancy so far, but my desire for cheese quesadillas has been impressive over the past few days. I literally just woke up from a nap and made a bee line to the kitchen to make one. Btw, I had never made a quesadilla at home until yesterday, and they're so darn easy that I can't believe I've never thought of doing it myself! Anyway, it made me come find this thread, haha. smile


Re: What do/did you crave?

A lot of food aversions, particularly to protein foods except certain ones prepared in a certain way, like I hate eggs now unless they're hard-boiled and then they're awesome.  Can't stand anything re-warmed.  The aversions have largely gone down the last couple of weeks, though. 

Mostly, I've been loving salads, veggies in general, fruit, bread.  More specific ones have been Mexican food. pickles and chicken Parmesan.  One time just had to have freshly baked, warm, buttery bread.  Made DW go get a loaf and make it up for me.  She does the cooking around here and thank goodness she's willing to deal with the nonsense!

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Re: What do/did you crave?

I feel queasy, so not many cravings yet. Last pregnancy I craved donuts. Probaby a good 10% of my weight gain was donuts. I'm trying to avoid them and do things like pb&j (with fruit sweetened jelly or real fruit) rather than junk sweets when I need a sweet snack. Plus, if I have sweets I have to give some to my toddler, which I prefer to avoid! I can't wait till I have more energy and less queasy ness! At least I'm not throwing up!  smile



Re: What do/did you crave?

It's so funny that this thread popped up again. Here I am in the third trimester and I mostly want lemonade. DW makes me a big jar every morning with a few lemons, raw honey and lots of water. Loving that!


Re: What do/did you crave?

I want salami. I haven't had salami in years but I want a salami sandwich on white wonder bread with lettuce, cheese, and mayo. Obviously I cannot have it but I talk about wanting salami every few days.

Last night my wife came home with an Italian sub that had salami on it. I nearly cried about the salami.

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