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First off, a question.  Photobucket HATES me and my computer.  What's another way to show off my growing kids?

Now for the updates:

Tiny is not so Tiny anymore!  At 27.5 months, she IS still really little, about 33' and 28 pounds, but her attitude makes up for it!  I have never met a child with more personality oozing out of them then I have in my toddler.  Her vocab is in check with a 4 year olds.  Her comprehension astounds me.  Her sheer stubbornness is something that should be documented.  Overall, she's a pretty awesome kid, the perfect blend of "awww" and "if daddy doesn't get home soon I'm going to rip my hair out".  She had her first haircut last week, and looks so much older now, with her gorgeous blonde wispy bangs and green eyes smile

Mr Chubbers, aka Si Si the Smiley Guy, aka baby brother, aka beautiful man, aka drooly McGee... oh where to start with him!  He is now 4.5 months old and the most laid back of all my babies smile  I am so lucky that he is as mellow as he is, as it makes it much easier to schlepp him about while chasing his sister all day.  As long as he can see someone, he's happy.  The kid doesn't sleep, but that just makes him one of mine.  2 weeks ago he was 27 inches, and 16.3 pounds.  Major milestones hit recently are he found his toes the other day and figured out this "sitting unassisted" thing, though his bum is so round he still tips over easily.  Seriously, the boy has booty, him and Tiny are in the same setting size on their diapers, and she's 23 months older!

All in all, life is good smile

Need to update a ticker, Silas Anthony Jordon born Oct 11, 2013.  6th baby, so much love!

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Ha! I can't believe he's "as big" as Tiny diaper wise - but I guess he'll start growing up soon ... smile

Can you believe he's 4.5 months? I'm in a bit of shock the boys will be 5 months soon.  That sounds so old.
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wow, tiny really IS tiny!  i can't say i'm surprised by the size of si's bum.  after all, isn't he a libra (as i recall), and librans are ruled by our backsides.

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I want to see pics!! It sounds like you are having fun raising your babies!  Enjoy.
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Try flickr for pics, might work better. Or if you're using safari switch to chrome, or some other browser.

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I love all the nicknames.

It's great to hear updates!

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Thanks for the update! Everything sounds wonderful!

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Try, that's what I use.

Your descriptions always make me laugh!

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Thanks for the update! Always love hearing about your not-so-little ones.

Booty! Booty!