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BFP Story:

This was our 6th cycle and the second time we used this donor. I have been taking prenatal vitamins since September and Vitex since January. Cycle started on April 10th, I ovulated on May 3, and got a BFP on CD 12 (May 15). My period was due yesterday and she did not show up so I am now 16 dpo! My temps are still above the cover line but not much higher than my middle of my typical cycles. My temps were all over the place after ovulation so I can't tell if I have a pattern and it doesn't really look triphasic.

This cycle was kind of messed up/interesting because I ovulated on CD 23, which is almost a week later than I typically ovulate. There was a lot of stress going on this month including the possibility of moving out of state and a death of a family member. We had to bring the tank over several state lines to check out the new work place and ended up bringing all the sperm back home anyway because I did not ovulate. Once we got home, we shipped the tank back to the cryobank, overnighted just an ICI vial when I got my positive OPK (we originally ordered an ICI and IUI but I was skeptical that this cycle would work). Yep, my vials did a lot of traveling. Then, I had a temp rise but it was small. So small in fact that Fertility Friend kept putting crosshairs and then taking them way. By 8DPO, the cross hairs were there to stay.

We inseminated at 41 hours past positive OPK, I had very little CM, and some of the sperm spilled out everywhere.

What I did differently this month:
1. Waited until 41 hours past OPK. We have done before and after this timing but with this timing I was able to sleep after insemination, which I think helps me.

2. Due to the lack of CM, I took Mucinex on May 2 and 3. I thought for sure it did not do anything because I only took it a few times. We also used pressed due to the lack of CM.

3. I ate pineapple core days 1-5 after ovulation. I wasn't going to do this but the pineapples at the store were so ripe and smelled so good that we bought one, then I figured, hell why not?

4. I focused a few times a day on relaxing my uterus. This may sound crazy but I think I hold a lot of tension in that area. You know how if you purposefully relax your face you are like, "Wow, I didn't realize how tense my face was!" The same thing happened for my uterus. Relaxation is probably good.

Really none. No dreams (I am usually a very, very vivid dreamer- so maybe no dreams was a symptom, who knows), no blue boob veins other than what is normally there, CM was not different than other months (The day I go the BFP it was slightly creamy in the AM but then nothing out ordinary. My emotions felt normal and there was no cravings or aversions to foods.

I had a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat thing from about 4-6dpo but I think this was unrelated to my BFP.

I did/do have sore boobs but that is typical pre-AF. My nipples did seem puffier on 11dpo and I remember thinking, "dang, I have never seen them look like this before" but I did not connect it to a BFP. On 11dpo I opened the cupboard under the sink and could strongly smell wood. That has never happened before and it was the only time I noticed something smelling stronger than usual.

Types of Sticks I peed on:
OPKs: I used Wondfos and smilies advanced digital starting at CD 13. I had 8 full days of flashing smiles before getting a solid but the solid correlated with my wondfo.

HPT: I used Wondfo HPT at 9 DPO and got a BFN. At 11 dpo I thought I saw a shadow of a line starting but you really, really, really had to squint and my wife could not see it. Then at 12dpo I got a second pink like on my Wondfo and I confirmed it with a First Response gold digital and a CVS brand digital. These were all afternoon urines. Since then, my BFP has been also confirmed by more wondfos, a Walmart 88 cent test, and clear blue digitals. I cannot stop peeing on things!!

Oh and just for fun on 12DPO I dipped a wondfo OPK and it was about as dark as the control line. So, if you have average OPK patterns, an OPK might be able to help early testers!  big_smile

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Congratulations!! So happy for you both!

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WOW congrats!

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I believe I recall reading your story about it spilling!! wow, it worked! that is so awesome.

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