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Does anyone know why can't I get onto nw website? Every time I try I get an error message saying page is downor moved to a new address. I havent been on it since ladt August so iI'm not sure if I missed something.

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Re: website help

Could you try with a different browser? My work computer does not keep internet explorer updated (because we have a couple of internal sites that aren't compatible with the newer versions yet), and I always get an error message for the main NW page, even though I can log onto this forum. I have no problems at home or on my iphone, though.

Re: website help

This was happening to me as well.  I am using a mac and the safari browser wouldn't open the NW cryo bank.  I tried everything, and contacted my internet provider.  She recommended me to put an antivirus on it, and I did, and it worked.