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An article popped up today that really moved me. Have you ever heard of Rainbow Babies? I was sure that they were talking about mixed race babies or babies of same sex couples. No, they are babies that follow miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. Very touching article. I have had 9 miscarriages and I am ready to welcome my Rainbow Baby.

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Yes,  we are trying for our rainbow baby,  and even considering the middle name of "Rainbow" if we get her.  ❤ Good luck to us both!  smile

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I've seen posts of people talking about that a lot. I love it.

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My cousin lost her baby one year ago at a couple months old. She is due in summer now with her rainbow baby. She had me make a pregnancy announcement card to send out to everyone that had a quote about rainbows on the front and the back said when their rainbow baby was due. I think it helps because they are still mourning the loss of their baby and don't want to feel like they have forgotten about her or replaced her.

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