Topic: I'm new to this.

Hi. I'm new to all these message boards and all that. And I apologize for not knowing all the abriviations you guys use. I'm 35 & my husband is 30. We have been TTC for out first for about 4 years. I worry all the time that im getting too old. I've had all the test done and I'm healthy for the most part just AF is a little irregular. We've tried Clomid and Letrozole which obviously didn't work. This whole time my husband was never checked cuz we just assumed I wasn't ovulating regularly. Well he had his sperm analysis done Monday and I just received the results about 5 mins ago and I'm beyond devastated. His whole test was abnormal. His sperm count was only 7 million and 3% motility.  Last Friday he started taking Fertility Blend for Men and I just ordered Motility Boost which should be here next week. Has anyone tried any of these and had results? Does anyone have any advice or anything? I pray everyday and go to church. I try to have Faith that God will bless me but I'm starting to feel hopeless.

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Never used but good luck. Only thing I can suggest, keep electronics away from his sensitive areas, good diet, boxers instead of briefs, stay away from very hot temps

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