Topic: Here we go again - car seats

I have 5 radians and love them! I also have 3 different cars (van, car and CRV) that we use. The accord is just for long trips or a lot for Riley's back and forth medical Appts that are quite a ways a way. We need 1 car seat that will hopefully work for both girls in the accord somehow (we never seem to drive with both girls in that car). I know with my old Evenflo I could adjust them easily from the front. Any good RF car seats anyone can suggest?  The girls are 1 slot apart basically in their radians. We usually have two boys and only one of the girls at a time in the car. Then both girls are in radians in the van. Riley at 6 is as well still with the harness. Emelia is also in a radian in the CRV. Z still needs a booster so I can either use our extra radian or put that in the CRV for A who is 16 months and still in a infant seat in the CRV. Oh the choices hmm 3 cars and 4 kids in car seats and boosters sad Z is 8 but short. R is 6 but can't sit still so needs the 5 point still. E is 2 and A is 1.

We are rearranging and trying to decide what we need to buy more of. Things keep getting moved around between cars and then I'm randomly stuck with out the correct seats. Not to mention the hours and sweat of installing each time!!