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We got our positive blood test back today.  I am 3 weeks and 3 days.  The baby will be due in Valentine's day! How Perfect.  So my husband and I did IUI (after tons of research) at home.  We did It 12 and 30 hours after the first solid smiley face using clear blue ovulation. I was testing three times a day.  I didn't know this part with those tests.  Its That since they are digital they hold information.  So the watch your levels go up and when they detect a surge that's when it turns to a solid face.  Pretty neat.  So here is my symptoms list also.  I would have loved to have this. My DPO list
2DPO - nauseous after drinking peach tea water. (not normal) sore breasts.  Gassy and bloated. ZITS
3DPO - wicked tired. Sore breast. Left nipple sore. Gassy and bloated. A lot of CM white itchy vag. like a yeast inf.
4DPO - right breast more sore. Right nipple wicked sore.  White CM.  itchy still. Gassy.  Wave of nausea around 7 after drinking water.  Another pimple!
5DPO-  very sore left nipple and sore breasts. Gassy and bloated.  After sex I wiped and had brown CM. Sensitive to smell
6DOP- left nipple is so dark red almost purple.  And HURTS! Sore breasts. Feeling constipated and bloated.  Lower back pain (but doing a lot of walking) aversion to smells. Blahhh.  Still itchy vagina.
7DPO- lots of watery cm. Sore right nipple.  Sore right breast.
Took a test not with morning per and it was faint line. Diarrhea.  Gas pains
8dpo- no line on the test. Gassy. Pain in left nipple still but not as bad.  Temp down to 98

1/16 BFN fresh sperm, known donor
2/16 BFN fresh sperm, known donor
3/16 BFN fresh sperm, known donor
4/16 BFN fresh sperm, known donor
5/16 first frozen IUI BFP due Febuary 14th

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Just wanted to say congrats to you!! not sure how I missed this smile how many days post o were you to get the + test?