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So my son who is 15 months old, lately has been being very nasty to the cat. Our cat is very friendly and never snaps or bites.  He has been slapping and throwing things at her. I yelled today and feel bad but how does one address this aggression to the cats? I'm sure this is a phase, but I want him to be gentle like he use to be.  He has never seen aggression towards animals/people ect.  Any advice?

Re: Baby and the cat

Not sure if this will help. When my nieces and nephews are too rough with my dogs i tell them no.  Then I sit them down and tell them they causing ouches or that the dogs get sad when they are hurt or that they are making the dogs cry.  Whichever they can relate to the best.  Then I show them how to nicely pet my dogs.

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Re: Baby and the cat

Get to his level in his face and sternly tell him "No" and whatever else you need to say. I always used words like you have to be gentle with kitty. We always had cats around the kids and I never tolerated aggressive behavior even in tiny children. He will learn if you are consistent. If you are having a bad day and he won't quit I would move the kitty to a safe room for a time until he settled down. It's something they have to learn.

Re: Baby and the cat

I'm having the same issue. E wants to hit the cat and pull the dogs' tails.

We are teaching her "gentle hands" and not to hit or pull. It's hard at this age because they don't really get it

We basically have to follow her everywhere to make sure everyone's okay

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