Topic: Ancestry sale

Shared from a friend and wanted to share. I've studied a lot about  genealogy and find it quite  fascinating. I've tested my two children and love that it can give them more info.
OK so I have to post a crazy spammy-sounding DNA-selling post because I know some of my friends have been curious and asked me to let them know when a sale comes around...and the more people that test the better, so here goes!


If you've ever been curious to dive into this: Now is the time. Discover your true ethnicity breakdown, extend your family tree and get in touch with your heritage, find relatives you didn't know you had. Start with AncestryDNA. Already tested at Ancestry and you want more matches? FTDNA is your next stop. Questions? Feel free to hit me up. Happy to answer any questions I can. smile Links for ordering:

~AncestryDNA will be on sale for $69 for Black Friday/Cyber Monday starting tomorrow night, 11/24 at 9pm Pacific (Midnight Eastern). Please order by clicking on this link below:

~AncestryDNA Australia will also be having a sale for $99 AUD, down from $149, starting on the 25th through the 30th. Please order by clicking on this link below if you are doing so from Australia.

~FTDNA Family Finder = $59!