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Hi Everyone,

I have been absent from these boards for a long time. My middle daughter, Wren, was born in 2005. In the next few years I was in touch with several other 514 families. Wren just turned 10, and we have recently had our most in-depth discussion of her donor-assisted conception. It made me want to check in and see what if any community there is around this donor. I'm not on Facebook or other social media, but I would love to connect in some way with anyone who is interested.


P.S. Did the site eliminate the baby photos section?

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Sadly they did take off the baby photos. Not many families even post a photo anymore either. I am not a 514 mom but I know there a lot of 514 babies out there. Did you register on the sibling registry? There might be some who posted contact info.

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Hi Greta,

I'm not sure if you remember me, we were in touch a few times. I also have a 514 baby girl. Her name is McKenna. She will be 9 in a few days.
I would be interested in keeping in touch with other 514 moms also.

McKenna Colleen 12/07  D514