Topic: Gender neutral anatomy book

Yes, this is a very specific inquiry. We have hit the age of "what's that?" and comparing parts...almost 3. While i am very honest and open about body parts and anatomy, and have no problems discussing it, a book is helpful. However, all the body part books are very "boys have a penis and girls have a vagina." I'm on the search gor something that discusses anatomy without assigning gender so much. Any ideas? It's for a preschooler, so it may not even exist, but worth asking.

Re: Gender neutral anatomy book

I personally don't have any experience with this but have you considered making a book? I have heard of parents doing this to explain their non-nuclear family, but it might be a good idea for your situation also since you would be able to have it say exactly what you want. I forgot the website I heard mentioned but I'm sure you can find many companies that will do a personalized book. Sorry I can't actually give you a book suggestion but I like the idea of a personalized book and plan on doing a few for my LO if I am ever lucky enough to have one.

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