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Its been awhile since I've purchased one of these and I wanted to know if there was anything new on the market that any of you guys would recommend? We have the "And Then There was Me" book for our oldest, the Tessera for our middle, and the Molly West for our youngest. Originally we were just going to get another Molly West. However, I don't want to get the same design as I have for our youngest and their gender neutral options are seriously lacking. I could go with the Tessera again since they do have a different gender neutral cover than what we got for the middle child, but I don't desire to be THAT detailed this time around, lol. Oh, yeah, it needs to have a gender neutral cover and be two mom friendly ;-).

Quick update since I'm here :-). Baby is doing good. I was classified as high risk for my previous pregnancy, but with new research we have opted to go a different direction. To further explain, I have FVL and one other blood clotting disorder. I was closely monitored and had daily injections with the previous pregnancy. To complicate matters, I lost 3 prior pregnancies. The latest research has found that pregnancy outcomes fair the same regardless of anticoagulant we opted for this route. So far, so good! I'm 24 weeks now. Baby has been measuring a week ahead throughout. I've only had to have 3 ultrasounds vs the million I had with my last pregnancy. I feel A LOT more relaxed :-). I'm seeing a midwife- no need for an OB and MTF doc. This baby moves all.the.time. Its a pretty significant difference in comparison with my last full term pregnancy. The plan is to let this baby come when it wants to- barring any complications- and Mommy (my wife whom is also a midwife) is going to catch with my 8 year old assisting whom is super excited to catch her new sister/brother and cut the cord. My midwife seeing me throughout the pregnancy will be there too, but mostly for paperwork purposes and because she's a close friend. However, we all know that sometimes things don't go as planned so this may not even pan out- but I am lining up a good birth photographer so we can get some awesome pics of big sisters meeting their sibling in the delivery room, however it unfolds :-). For curious minds, big brother does not want to be in delivery room and I am a-ok with that as I am pretty modest as it is.

As far as how the siblings are adjusting, big brother is still pretty indifferent about another sibling. He's 14, so its not on the top of his list of things that excite him, lol. Middle sister is over the moon excited. When asked if she wants the baby to be a boy or a girl, she says "I don't care what it is, as long as its a baby something! It can even be a baby dog or cat or elephant!" Little sister was initially hesitant, but has come around with the excitement of big sister. She wants to be in the room when baby is born, but she wants to be there to hold Mama's hand :-). She, too, does not care the gender but likes to tell people that if its a brother then she hopes its a nice one because her big bro isn't very nice. Kids! lol

Moms are totally unprepared, lol. I mean, its the 4th so we know what we need/don't and what to expect, we just haven't gotten to prep phase yet. We aren't preparing a room for baby. We have a guest room, but we will only be here for about another year after baby is born (military) so we are just putting a bed in our room where they tend to stay anyway, ha! I've been graciously gifted and handed down a TON of cloth diapers and my mom has gifted some onesies, but we haven't done a darn thing, lol. We will get in gear soon I'm sure. Any bassinet recommendations?? ;-)

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Glad things are going so well.  We did nothing to prepare for #4.  I remember thinking a couple days before his birthday that oh yeah maybe we should pack a bag lol

We got Molly West books for all of them.  I wasn't real particular about the covers so I just bought 4 different ones.

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Well, we sold ALL of our baby stuff prior to moving 2 years ago so we are really starting from scratch again. If we had been confident we would even try for a 4th child we might've kept some of it and been more prepared....

The problem I'm having with the Molly West covers is that they are pink or blue with boats, planes, or flowers. The only one that isn't is the purple, green, and blue polka dot one that we already got for the youngest so.... The perils of not finding out the gender, lol. I like to have it on birth day because thats when we've done the footprints for all of our kiddos in their books...

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Check out etsy - lots of custom options.. that's where we got ours which is meant for two moms  smile

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Off Topic but I feel like a failure in the Baby Book department. Before kids I had every intention of doing Baby Books for my kids. When this baby is born, it'll be our third baby within 3 years. And I haven't even bought a single Baby Book. Nevermind the fact that I don't remember all of the milestone dates to put in a Baby Book. How do people find the time and energy to do Baby Books??! I hope I find the time to do some kind of Baby/Memory Book for my kids at some point, but I am the least organized/least creative person ever. How would I start a Baby/Memory Book when I don't know all of the milestone dates & info that Baby Books ask for?

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I got one mainly had places for photos. i will never finished it if it had huge pages to write on.
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Someone gave us a good one from Target. It's very customizable.

We fail at it though. I do have an email for him and we email him at least once a month with updates. We will give him the login info when he's 18.

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Soooo, I found one! Rag & Bone Bindery sells two mom books. I ordered it and it was just what I was looking for ;-).