Re: Hoping for a baby for our 5th anniversary....

Well beta HCG came back as negative so I've stopped the progesterone and am waiting for AF. In some ways I'm oddly relieved that my TTC journey is over. While I really wanted ro experience pregnancy the stress of the process both physically and emotionally was a lot. I think I'm actually still more upset about the adoption earlier this month. We had just really started loving this baby already and really liked her mom and feel like we would have had a good open adoption relationship with her. While it's obvious baby's dad loves this baby, I am concerned about her well-being just because of his current living situation etc. I do hope though that he is able to figure it out as while we would have loved nothing more than to welcome this baby girl into our hearts and home, at the end of the day as long as she is healthy and happy that is all that matters to us even if that means it's not with us.

Just hoping and praying that the baby who we are meant to parent comes home with us soon! smile

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