Topic: Ancestry / DNA tests

For anyone interested Amazon has amazing deals today for Ancestry and 23 & me DNA tests. Love them! Find them beyond interesting. I've learned so much more about my children's origins and ancestry. Anyways Amazon Prime day has them down to $49 or $69 a test. I l've tested myself and children at all three main sites. Ancestry is going to be the best.

Re: Ancestry / DNA tests

These are awesome. I agree that ancestry is best for ancestry specifics.

One pretty cool thing about 23andme is that there's a great deal of genetic carrier information. You can actually see if you are a carrier for a recessive condition that a donor carries, allowing you to avoid that donor. You can also export your genome free to other sites allowing you to dig really deep for specific locus information.

Re: Ancestry / DNA tests

Yeah, I love Ancestry but 23&me has some cool features. We've used both as well as FTDNA.

Love the health reports 23&me offers but also use promethease which is only $5-$10. It offers a lot more then 23&me but isn't as easy to read always.