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I had a D&C a couple months ago and we are finally at the point where we feel ready to try again. We would really like to use the same donor but are a little concerned about having another miscarriage.  We know he has been successful to term with other pregnancies and know other couples are successful after a miscarriage with the same donor or father. I haven't found much information online and will be asking our doctor at our next appointment, but I wanted to see what your thoughts are? Did any of you use the same donor and carried to term? Or did you choose a different donor?

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We had an early miscarriage in 2010. We couldn't find anyone who had carried to term using that donor (he did have reported pregnancies and the only posts we could find were others who miscarried). In fact, his profile is completely non-existent now, which I find really far as I know, even old donor profiles come up in a Google search (our son's does).

Anyway, we felt more comfortable switching donors. Turned out to be the right choice...our now almost 6 year old was conceived that try.

If you know the donor has had successful pregnancies (healthy babies carried to term), he's probably fine to use. But do whatever you guys feel best about.

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id switch too if my gutt told me too.

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Thanks for the advice ladies. He has resulted in successful pregnancies, even a few twins, which is why we are still leaning towards him.  Just wanted to see what your experiences have been like. Thanks again