Topic: Vials for sale

I have 6 IUI vials of donor 4709 that I am wanting to sell. He is no longer donating. I would prefer that they go to someone that is looking for donor siblings. I have 2 children by this donor and I am not having any more. They have never left NW Cryobank. All vials will be sold together. Asking $400 per vial.

Donor Code: 4709
Ethnic Origin: English, German
Blood Type: O Positive
Hair Color: Brown
Type of Hair: Curly
Thickness of Hair: Thick
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion Relative to Race: Medium
Bone Structure: Large
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Handedness: Right-Handed

Enjoys: Music (played guitar for 7 years), painting, rugby, school, and learning
Education Status: Undergraduate Student
Area of Study: French, Philosophy
General Health
CMV Status (All donors test CMV-IgM Negative): Negative
Vision: Good, does not wear lenses
Hearing: Good
Dentition: Excellent, no orthodontia required
Allergies: None known
Hospitalization: None known
Alcohol Usage: Does not drink alcohol
Tobacco Usage: Does not smoke
Drug Usage: Tests NEGATIVE for Drugs of Abuse.
Family Health:
Paternal Grandfather: Alive and in his 70's, Healthy
Paternal Grandmother: Alive and in her 60's, Breast Cancer in her 40s, in remission
Maternal Grandfather: Alive and in his 70's, Healthy
Maternal Grandmother: Alive and in her 70's, Healthy
Father: Died in his 50's, Glioblastoma brain tumor in his 50s
Mother: Alive and in her 40's, Healthy
Siblings: At least one sibling, all in good health
Genetic Screening Performed: Yes
his donor has been screened for more than 100 genetic diseases (via targeted mutation analysis) and has been found to test positive for the following:

Heeiditary thymine-uraciluria

All people carry mutations for genetic disorders.  Genetic testing can identify some of those mutations.  We perform testing for a large number of conditions that are inherited in a recessive manner to help detect some of the mutations in our donors.    Since all people carry mutations, donors are not excluded from our program when these mutations are identified.  The donors' offspring are not at risk to develop the condition unless the other biological parent also carrier a mutation for the same inherited disorder.  We encourage you to use the results of the donor's testing and consider your own genetic testing to help identify a donor suitable for your needs.

Before excluding this donor due to their genetic testing results, please call our Contracted Genetics Dept. (through Califo
Donation and Fertility
Donor Communication (Type): Anonymous
Limited Available? No
Past Pregnancy: Yes
Staff Impressions:
Face: Tapered oval
Lips: Medium fullness to upper and lower lips
Nose: Slightly smaller than average size, straight profile, average width
Ears: Average size, attached lobes
Eyes: Almond shape, outer corners slightly lower than inner corners
Eyebrows: Medium thickness, curved
Summary: This is a very considerate content young man. While he no longer has them, he had dreadlocks for awhile and they looked great! He now sports a very short hair cut, probably better for his sports activities. He is a super-nice guy, lots of friends, and serious about his commitment to the program. Effective 7/18/14, this donor changed from open to anonymous.