Topic: DivaCup2 with ICI - MISTAKE & UTI

I purchased the Diva Cup2 just about a month ago. I was gearing up for a home self insemination with two vials of frozen donor sperm. I had spent over $1,200 on those two vials, and $299 on consulting a midwife to help me maximize my chances with supplements, teas, and plan the timing. Shortly before I made my trying to conceive attempt, I went to my local Walgreens, looking for the Instead SoftCup. It was nowhere to be found, and the next closest thing, I assumed, was the DivaCup2 (I am 35 and have given birth, though by C-section). After each of the two inseminations, I inserted the cup and allowed it to remain in for two to three hours hours. Hours after my second insemination, upon removal I noticed a suction like effect at the bottom of it, and noticed that my expensive sample - what appeared all of it, pooled up in the bottom of the DivaCup2. It occurred to me then that it truly worked like a suction and did the exact opposite of what I wanted, pulling everything away from my cervix, not at all holding it in near my cervix. I believe the DivaCup website needs a warning informing people NOT to use the DivaCup when trying to conceive with donor sperm as it will be nothing like the Instead SoftCup and will actually negatively impact their chances for success.

I did not get pregnant, and I got a Urinary Tract infection that came on very suddenly on day 3 of my period. I had read the manual, and looked online at further instructions about folding and inserting. I have had urinary tract infections before, but until this episode, had been free of antibiotics for a few months.

At about 8 pm on cycle day 3 I noticed that I was not feeling well, and let my job know on short notice that I would not be in the next day. I take natural cranberry Ellura pills to prevent recurrence following triggers, but even those were not strong enough to combat what happened when I took 2 after noticing the extreme pain upon urination. I ceased using the cup at this point and switched to a pad.  By 9 pm I had a painful, raging urinary tract infection, and by 11 pm I went to Walgreens to buy AZO to make my wait in the Emergency Room possibly more bearable.

I then went to my local emergency room, My husband frustrated with me for trying the new product anyway. He said I knew I was 'delicate' down there, as I have had irritation from latex condoms, though it says latex free.

I just finished my course of antibiotics, and am still paying on the frozen sperm on my credit card. I feel that my outcome of not becoming pregnant was impacted by DivaCup2. The company needs clarify that:

If you have ever had a urinary tract infection, this may cause a worse one. Urine and bacteria will be trapped inside, and DivaCup2 will interfere with your vagina cleaning and flushing itself out.
If you have ever been sensitive to latex condoms, even though this does not contain latex, your body could be sensitive to it.
If you are trying to conceive, this product will not hold sperm in close to your cervix; it will pull it in the opposite direction.

I hope this is helpful. I generally only write reviews when I feel that I could not find that review when I was looking for one, and it would have been helpful. Babydust to everyone! * * * * * *  *  *   *    *   *    *      *     *      *      *        *        *         *          *