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Hello.  We recently purchased several vials from this donor and will be starting this process very soon!  Has anyone else used this donor in the past?

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I got pregnant the first try with this donor. I miscarried at 6weeks. I saw a heartbeat first but it was low in the 80s. A week later the baby was gone.
I couldn't find anyone else on here with a healthy pregnancy with this donor. 

On the bright side I got pregnant the first try with him an at home ICI.

My pathology came back normal. The karyotype on the embryo came back normal but may been my own tissue because the genetics came back as a female. They said there is still a possibility there are genetic issues. The karyotype only shows obvious abnormalities and the actual cell division could create issues.

I am thinking of switching donors for my own piece of mind since I can't find where anyone has had a healthy baby or pregnancy reported from this donor. (Some people choose not to disclose this information) .
Hopefully this donor works out for you. My doctor is still doing my miscarriage workup on my part (hormones, immuneissues, clotting disorder still on the board)  so the sperm might not be the issue.

I hope you get a healthy baby from this donor. Let me know if you do. I really like everything about this donor. The kind of guy I would fall in love with in real life. lol. I am hoping to become a single mother by choice.

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Hi there!  Sorry to hear about your miscarriage.  I'm hoping that this donor works for us but he does sound like a cool guy!  If things go well I will let you know!