Topic: ICI or IUI for at home?

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could share their opinion(s) about whether I should use washed or unwashed vials for at home insemination? Can anyone share success stories with either?



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Re: ICI or IUI for at home?

ICI vials are best for at home inseminations. They are in their natural fluid, which helps them survive longer and there's also a higher count.

IUI vials have about half the amount and are no longer in their natural fluid. They do not live as long (they don't need to, since they are typically inserted directly into the uterus).

We conceived on the first try 6 years ago, but had an early miscarriage. We conceived again on the first try after that and our son is now 6. We used ICI vials each time (but that is obviously not the only factor when ttc). We used a known donor this time, who shipped to us. I once again got pregnant on the first try and am 34 weeks now.

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