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Has anyone had success using this donor?

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TWW!! We will know soon enough if the IUI was successful. Did you ever TTC with this donor?

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I have a healthy baby boy from this donor.

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I just found out I was pregnant with this donor! @cata888 is your almost 7 year old from this donor?

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@ashley21 Congrats!

@cata888 Did you do ICI or IUI for conceiving your son with Donor 8843?

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Thanks @yogibaby. Have you conceived with this donor?

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Hi @ashley21
I had a miscarriage with another donor. Karyotype on the loss came back as inconclusive. For my peace of mind I am changing donors. I am hoping to try 8843 in early January's ovulation time after all my testing assuming I don't have major issues (testing starts next week wish me luck! ).
I am also considering another donor too but am leaning more towards trying with 8843 next.
I like that 8843 has positives for pregnancies, high sperm counts, and a successful term baby.
I am open to the idea of donor siblings as I am hoping to be a SMBC.

What made you decide on 8843?

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ashley21: congrats! no, my almost 7 year old is from a different donor. My son from 8843 is 9 weeks old.
yogibaby: I used 2 IUI vials @ 12 and 24 from pos opk. I did an IUI at home. Sending positive thoughts your way for a successful pregnancy soon smile I had a miscarriage with another donor before my positive with 8843.

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Thanks for the good vibes and info.  You give me hope!!! :-)

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That's fantastic cata888. Congratulations with your little one.

Yogibaby, I wish you the best of luck with all your testing! Sending all the positive vibes and baby dust your way! In regards to why we picked 8843, first we were limited to CMV- donors. I tested negative and needed a negative donor. Second he "spoke" to my wife and I. His profile just stood out from the others and we really valued his essay questions. Ended up buying his childhood photos and full profile. Everything reassured us that he was the one for us.

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Thank you ashley21,
I hope it goes well too and the babydust makes for a sticky baby. My testing of hormone levels, antibodies, and genetics starts this Tuesday. Here's hoping. :-)
Keep us updated on your pregnancy especially the gender. Super exciting.

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I am also considering this donor and would love to keep this thread going. I would love a gender update!

Also, has anyone used ICI vials from this donor?

@Cata, was your first attempt successful with this donor?

Any insight if ICI or IUI vials are better for at home insem?

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Hi McJenny,

I have used ICI before first try and gotten a BFP, However it ended in miscarriage. Not with this donor.

For at home ICI is the easiest. Just watch for timing, thaw, and add a soft cup after you are finished. Lay with hips elevated for at least 20 minutes to an hour.

For IUI, if you have a partner( or yourself)  and they are comfortable with:
a) finding your cervix with a speculum
b) basic aseptic technique. Keeping the end(of the catheter)  that will go in your cervix sterile without touching anything else and weaving it in your cervix. (Here's a description of the process  and there are youtube videos to help you get comfortable using the speculum. )
IUI will have less and will have a shorter life span but will be inserted into your uterus or close to. IUI from what I have read are best done 6 hours before or at ovulation. Due to their lifespan.

You can also use IUI with ICI procedure meaning just get it close to your cervix. ICI sperm will have higher counts and longer life span (~12-24hrs) . However they(sperm) have to be filtered by cervical mucus and make it to the journey up your Fallopian tubes.
Many women without fertility issues use ICI vials at home.
Many women get comfortable with the IUI procedure and speculum and do that at home. Some women if they still want to do an IUI at home find a local midwife to help.

My next insemination (hopefully in early January) will probably be:
After +OPK
12 hours ICI insemination
24 hours ICI insemination
~36 hours IUI with IUI washed sperm. ( I may chicken out and just do the ICI procedure with IUI sperm still haven't completely decided) I just ordered a package of speculums to practice with.
All inseminations at home, Possibly medicated(clomid) depending on my tests results and follicular study that will be done next week. 

Hope that helps.

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Alright ladies, wanted to bring you an update. I am 9 weeks (as of tomorrow) pregnant with dichromatic twins! I of course don't have a gender update this early, leaning towards at least one girl, but we are over the moon excited.

Just a reminder, my wife and I sought out a successful fertility clinic in our area, bought one vial of 8843 IUI (over 20 million washed sperm) and received a super positive HPT two weeks later.

I know that a lot of women want to conceive at home, but I definitely feel through my experience it can be way cheaper and super successful through the clinic. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.