Topic: TTC 1st Time: please help! When to inseminate and other questions!!

Hi All,

I'm a first timer here as a TTC. I haven't done any insemiantion yet as I'm waiting until after my period ends. I'm supposed order in the middle of my period to have my vials shipped in time. Now my first question is: When do I inseminate?
I've read TONS of debates on this topic and they vary a lot. So I'm looking for a firm answer from those of you who have successful experience. Some say 3 days after your period is the most fertile 5 days including the day of ovulation. I just don't want to order too soon. I use the OPK sticks 2x a day to check, and an online ovulation calendar but I've read NOT to I seminate on ovulation date itself. Help? Please? I need something clear and that has been proven to work. Also, we have chosen to use 2 ICI vials. Is it a pretty simple process? Once the OPK stick has a smile face, do we inseminate at 12 and 24 hours? Or sooner?

Thanks so much all...

Re: TTC 1st Time: please help! When to inseminate and other questions!!

We chose to inseminate at 12 hours and 24 hours past positive ovulation test. I got pregnant both times we tried. We had planned to do just 1 vial this time, at 24 hrs past positive, but ended up going a different route instead (known donor shipped to us).

Good luck!

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Re: TTC 1st Time: please help! When to inseminate and other questions!!

I did ICI insemination at 24 hrs. I tried 3 times. He first time I got pregnant but sadly misscarried. The second time I added a 12 hr and did 24 hr again. This time I got a bfn. The third time I did 24hr and have a beautiful 5 month old from it. I plan on sticking to 24 hr when I try in the future.

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