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I went in for a retrieval yesterday, and am living in a crampy bloated world for the last 24 hours. It hasn’t been too bad though. I’ve been able to manage discomfort with Tylenol so I’ll consider myself lucky!

Yesterday’s retrieval had 14 eggs, with 1 not sufficiently mature. After getting my day 1 call, we have 12 cooking! I was honestly so nervous and holding my breath as the embryologist worked up to the numbers.

Now just have to keep my fingers crossed for them to make it a few more days!

Re: 1 day post retrieval

Yay! I am so excited for you! Glad to hear you weren’t feeling too bad. Again, the differences! Day one I thought I was dying and had to take several prescribed pain pills.

Those are great numbers! I can’t wait to see how many make it to blast for you!

Still keeping my fingers crossed for you! Keep us posted!

Re: 1 day post retrieval

Thanks! I have to say the bloating today has been painful. It’s been a careful balance of hydrating and making trips to the bathroom without too much bladder pressure building up! Hopefully this will be getting better instead of worse.

I’m 38 which might be part of why my Doc did things this way? Who knows!

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We got our 5 day results today and I’m cautiously optimistic for now! We had about half of the embryos that didn’t make it. The embryologist said that they “arrested” on day 3 but they had prepared us for a likely total pre-freeze loss of about 50% on the day of retrieval. Our office only calls on day 1 and then 5 and 6.

We have 2 blasts at this point. Both graded 5BB. Not excellent but definitely doable!

Even with the preparation, it was a bit of a blow to see the numbers crumble, but I was so relieved to hear there were any viable at all! Now we just have to wait for the final count and then a couple of weeks for the genetic testing results. So much waiting and counting!!!

5 are still cooking. I should probably have waited to post all of the numbers, but I needed to tell SOMEONE! I’m working away from home this week with long work hours and have no one here that knows. So, I’ll probably be posting again tomorrow. ☺️

Meanwhile, I’m starting to think about how many I should transfer. 38 years old with failed IUI history, but this is my first IVF. ....looks like more googling

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I’m just starting the process for my first IVF as well. Have our second consult December 14th with the doctor, and the onto hopefully getting approved for financing. I wish you the best and pray things turn out just as you want them to. Baby dust to you! And I’ll say a prayer for you. P.s. I’m 39 so your story gives me hope.

39 TTC baby # 1 for 4 years. Starting IVF in January.