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Topic: Hello old friends! \

I'm not sure who alls left on here that remembers me..  I follow some of you on the Facebook page, but I don't keep up with the names/screens names .. ALAS

Baby is 15 months and growing bigger every day.  He's amazing albiet oh so tiring.  He makes us laugh, he drives us NUTS, keeps us oh so busy, but fills our heart with SOO much love.

We said he would be the one and only- man that first year has been tough .. however, we see our chosen donor is running very low and not donating any longer and the anxiety of not being able to choose to use that donor again IF we wanted about gives me an anxiety attack daily SO .. we JUST purchased 6 vials AND storage.  God I feel instant relief knowing we have that option.  And maybe a girl baby wouldn't be so bad wink

Hope everyone is doing well .. I still creep around from time to time, love seeing all the new babies out there! smile