Topic: ICI Questions Please!

I completed first insemination with one vial. It was about 16-18 hours after my LH surge. I hadn't surged yesterday evening but noticed early this morning, so I'm estimating the exact time. I'm a bit worried about insemination timing since this was my first time and only having one vial, but I could "tell" that I'd be CM changed quickly along with C change position. I usually ovulate between 12-20 hours after LH surge.
For those of you who have success, was this an ok timing? Considering I ovulate earlier than the 24 hour estimate?

This might be TMI but I also noticed "leaking" about 30-45 min after. Is that normal?? I can't tell if it's just CM or if I didn't inseminate properly.

Trying not to stress...
Any words of wisdom from you all who have been there done that would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Re: ICI Questions Please!

The egg is good for at least 12 hours. Try not to stress. Write down all your notes in case you don't get a BFP and want to try something different next time. I test several times a day to get my surge. I ovulate within 12 hours or so of my surge based on temping so I test with cheap wondfo strips  3x a day close to ovulation and clear blue once a day to see when the beginning of surge is.
You are very wet during ovulation time. I wouldn't worry about leakage.
You can always use a softcup to keep the sperm up closer to cervix.

I would try not to stress and just wait till you know if it is a bfp or not.
Baby dust to you.

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