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I just put in an order for vials to do ICI at home in mid-December.

I had several rounds of IUI under a medical professional but he was very cold, rude, etc so after months I stopped. Emotionally I couldn’t take his attitude and hate.

I then had a foster child with intention of adoption. She was with me for 2 years and with 3 days notice she went back to biological parents. 

I just turned 32, am single, and want a child. So I have a medical appointment set for February but thought I would try these first 2 months on my own.

I have tracked my cycle religiously for a year.

I have scoured the internet and just wanted some personal advice from those who have done this on their own. I have no spouse to help with insemination.

Does NWCB send a soft cup? I assume I should buy some to practice first.
Should I use preseed?

At time of insemination once it’s positive I should wait 12 hours and then attempt? And again at 24? (I have 2 vials)

I am so thankful they have a forum.

Bless you all

At home ICI Dec 2017 - BFN
At home ICI January 2018 - BFP at 10dpo
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Re: Single and New to at home ICI

I am also a single and 32.  No husband/partner/ etc. My longest relationship was abusive, so I don't see myself ever wanting to be in another one.
I have been pregnant twice. (First time was a miscarriage at 9 weeks I got pregnant from the pull out so I always thought it was the low sperm count I was 29 (sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid )

The second time was intentionally through home insemination with a NW Cryobank donor this past August.
I used preseed. (inserted 1ml  about 10 minutes prior to ICI insemination). I did three ICI vials. I put in a softcup (got from Amazon) as the cervical cap after laying with my hips up for 30 minutes.  Other ladies say they lay there longer I will try that next time. Had an O before insemination. I think one of the times might have done one after. )
My timing was 2hours after +OPK
and 12 hours after + OPK
and then 22 hours after + OPK
I had a BFP 11dpo
Miscarried after seeing the heartbeat(7 weeks)  at D/C at 8 weeks.
I inseminated earlier because it takes 4-6 hours before your urine detects a surge. The literature I read (I used to be in graduate school for molecular biology) says often waiting just for the urine lh surge is risky because there are often false negatives. 
(I was stalking old posts and there was a couple and the wife was a doctor and she was doing at home
12/24/36 hours after trigger I believe with IUI sperm. Another woman says she inseminates 24 and 36 hours after estrogen surge (with ICI sperm) which precedes lh surge on advanced clear blue OPK. Blinking Smiley)  She had a BFP.

I had a recurrent loss work up.
The products of conception: Normal female karyotype it could be my tissue or could be normal female karyotype.
My bloodwork:
FSH- Good right above 6 so egg reserve is good
Estradiol: Tad high
Clotting results aren't all back but looks like I have something autoimmune going on. (ANA +)
Had and HSG- tubes clear, uterus normal
Ultrasound-uterus normal.
Still need progesterone test day 21

12-day follicular study
Dominant follicle looked good but a tad smaller than what they like
Makes sense I am a day 15 ovulator. So a day 12 study might have been early by a day. 

Because of the preliminary data on my blood work my doctor will likely control my next cycle with Clomid. If my progesterone is low on day 21 this month, he will also do progesterone suppositories and then baby aspirin and lovenox injections for my possible autoimmune issues that can affect clotting as an extra safe measure for my history of loss.

On day 12 of this next insemination cycle I will go in for an ultrasound. If my follicle is the right size (and only if) he will give me the trigger shot. From what I have read the trigger shot makes you ovulate 12-36 hours. He wants me to inseminate right away because if I wait for the 12 hours if I ovulate then then it might be too late. He says the new literature likes the sperm to be waiting for the egg.  I am doing the extra inseminations for insurance to cover the window. He wanted me to do ICI sperm again since I get pregnant easily. I'm doing IUI also next time out of limitation of the donors vials and cause IUI with Comid and Trigger from what the other RE doctors say is described as getting the best possible egg and sperm.  ( I have practiced with a speculum got one with a LED light built in and a mirror on the wall I just sit in a chair like I am getting a pap in front of a mirror with legs up just like at the office. Cervix looks like a doughnut you can see the open hole in the middle)

Here is how it goes:

For this next time:
My timing:
After Trigger Shot:
Inseminate with ICI sperm just get it up there with a syringe and lay there with hips up softcup placed there when done and preseed before insemination like before 
at 10 hours post trigger - inseminate with IUI sperm (speculum/ aseptic techique etc) (no preseed)
at 20-22 hours post trigger- inseminate with IUI sperm (speculum/aseptic technique etc) (no preseed)

at 36 post trigger inseminate with ICI sperm. Pray and try not to be neurotic during the wait.

Financially this is a big one. If it is unsuccessful or I miscarry I will wait maybe 6 months before trying again to afford it again not totally sure. I thought about storing some of the vials and then decided against it I will use them all to cover the time window.
I know this is all overwhelming. I am overwhelmed and hard when you want to be a mother so bad.
There are a lot of nice ladies with good advice on here. I didn't realize there was a forum before trying the previous time. But came to the forum with advice after the miscarriage.

I didn't do a work up with my doctor before this last miscarriage. I am thankful my doctor wanted answers as much as I do. He didn't get onto me for doing it without a workup either or for not doing betas when I got the BFP. He has been very kind to me.

I hope this is your cycle! and that some of this helps!

TTC #1: August 2017 - ICI BFP- miscarried @7weeks
TTC#2:  December 2017- ICI, IUI- BFP! - Will induce @ 37 weeks 4 days (9/7/18 ) Can't wait to meet my sweet baby boy! Baby here 9/8/18! 7lbs1oz and 20.5 inches long.

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Re: Single and New to at home ICI

Hi!  I am 35, single, and had a baby girl last November by doing an ICI at home with donor sperm and a soft cup.  I used one vial 12 hours post ovulation.  I had 5 pregnancies prior to this but miscarried all of them.  I did genetic testing and found out I had 2 mutations.  These required I take baby aspirin and methylated vitamins while pregnant.  Following this advice, my beautiful daughter made it to 36 weeks 2 days gestation.  She did spend 3 days in NICU due to being early and her breathing not being as rhythmic yet as they wanted.  Aside from that though, she's been extremely healthy, developmentally advanced, and is the light of my world.  I can hardly believe she's 1 already!  I am hoping to get pregnant via ICI again soon so she can have a sibling.  I tried once earlier this year with a vial from NW, but no luck that time.  I wish you the very best of luck!

Notes about my efforts at becoming and staying pregnant.   I avoided folic acid and took ridiculous amounts of folate.  I avoided using hand sanitizer as my doc told me it can mess with hormones.  I avoided caffeine, processed meats, and used baking soda and vinegar in place of cleaners to help reduce exposure to any unnecessary parabens or cleaner related toxins.  I have major migraines due to an extra piece of brain I have down my neck, but I avoided all pain relievers as well as reduced my antidepressant to a lower dose.  I don't know.  Hopefully those things helped.  I really did try to make sure my womb was healthy for my miracle babe.  Lol.  Again, good luck to you!  Please keep us posted!

Re: Single and New to at home ICI

Thank you for your responses!
I am anxiously awaiting my first attempt. My cycle decided to go off the rails a bit so it's now just starting. Assuming insemination date will be right before Christmas.
I'm very anxious because I bought SOFTCUPS and attempted multiple times yesterday to use them and cannot seem to get them in the proper place behind the cervix. I had a bit of an emotional melt down because that was part of my insemination plan, but now I worry I won't be able to do that!

At home ICI Dec 2017 - BFN
At home ICI January 2018 - BFP at 10dpo
Baby GIRL due October 2018!

Re: Single and New to at home ICI

I'm so sorry!  I hope you can get it figured out!  I guess if you can't get the soft cup to work for you, you could do a soft tip syringe.

Re: Single and New to at home ICI

Welcome! I'm new here too (and single!).

I just began my cycle with NW Cyro and am in my TWW.

I did insemination on my own with one vial ICI. I got a positive OPK and inseminated 16 hours past +, since I know I ovulate quickly after my LH surge. I've heard people with 2 vials do 1) 12 hours past + 2) 24 hours past +. I used pre-seed and had an orgasm right after to help suck up those swimmers!

I also recommend these 2 apps I've been using Ovia & Pre-Mom. They're great frackers and you can input all your info & OPK results daily along with charting from BBT to daily symptoms. I wouldn't have been able to do this without that help!

Hoping this one works for me. AND best of luck to you!!!