Topic: Selling my last vial of 3399 $250

Selling my last vial of 3399 IUI asking $250. I got pregnant my first time I no longer need my other vial! I do have the complete history and baby pictures if you'd like.
Donor Code: 3399
Ethnic Origin: French Canadian, German, Irish, Norwegian
Blood Type: O Positive
Hair Color: Blond
Type of Hair: Curly
Thickness of Hair: Thick
Eye Color: Blue
Complexion Relative to Race: Fair
Bone Structure: Medium
Height: 6'00"
Weight: 175
Handedness: Ambidextrous

Staff Impressions:
Face: Tapered oval shape, high cheekbones, even complexion
Lips: Thin upper lip, medium fullness to lower lip
Nose: Average size, fairly straight profile with slight upturn at the tip
Ears: Average size and shape, attached lobes, tucked back
Eyes: Almond shape, outer corners slightly lower than inner corners, average size
Eyebrows: Medium thickness, curved
Summary: He is a thoughtful speaker, chooses his words carefully. He is quiet with a nice bright smile. Always polite and courteous.

Re: Selling my last vial of 3399 $250

What is your email so that I may inquire?

TTC #1: 1 IUI vial 1/11-BFN
      #2:  1 IUI vial 3/1-BFN (would have done two vials but UPS delivered late)
      #3:  1 IUI vial 4/19 12 hrs after + opk; 2nd IUI vial 28 hrs after + opk; BFN
      #4:  1 IUI vial; Femera for 5 days; Ovidrel Trigger 7/25; IUI 7/27; BFN

Re: Selling my last vial of 3399 $250

Still available?