Topic: IVF for an "everyday person"

This may sound odd but I've researched things to death and I have no concept of how I would ever be able to afford IVF. I see $12,000 a cycle and think, how do people afford this?
I have a decent self employment job but by the time I pay my bills, insurance, taxes, etc, I can save only about $1,500 a month.
How is IVF affordable? Am I missing something?

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Re: IVF for an "everyday person"

I’ve never gone through Ivf but most clinics offer special financing. Some people choose to go overseas for better pricing some lucky individuals have partial or complete fertility coverage through health insurance.

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Re: IVF for an "everyday person"

In my state one IVF try was covered by health insurance. But even with coverage I still had to pay around $5,000 out of pocket costs. If it hadn't been for my health insurance, I would have done IVF abroad. I had researched a clinic in Eastern Europe where I would have gone.

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