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Hello Everyone! I hope this finds you all well.

I had my follow up appointment with the RE today after a failed FET in December. I am not sure how I expected the appointment to go and honestly cant say one way or another if I like how it went or not. The RE basically chalked it up to a fluke thing that can happen even when you have perfect pgs tested embryos and your body reacted perfectly to the meds. As far as moving forward with our next FET he said he didn't want to change the protocol yet. I kind of tend to just trust doctors and my wife can't understand why they wouldn't be trying to fix something. Did any of you change anything up between your first and second FET?

We are trying to decide if we are going to stick to our original plan of doing 2 FET's and then moving on with life. If thats the case this will be our last try coming up in February. If it is going to be our last try I was to at least think long and hard about the possibility of transferring two embryos. I only have half a uterus so this is a big decision for us. The RE said he isn't afraid to transfer 2 but would feel safer just doing one. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I am hoping that though lots of prayer God can point me in the right direction.

Any thoughts are alway appreciated.


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Oh alcd39! I’m sorry that you’re in this position!

If I was in your shoes, I guess my biggest concern would be what to do if both embys take. Is your half uterus safe for you and potential twins? If you have to trim a double success down to 1, is that a decision you could make? Would your doc make the decision for you?

As for things to change, if your RE isn’t making changes, maybe there things you could do. I’m not saying you definitely should do them, but they’re recommendations that I have considered.
Good hydration during transfer and 2ww
5000mcg of vitamin D daily
No ibuprofen
8 hrs of sleep during transfer and 2ww
Careful with teas, even herbals

I’m still cheering for you!!!

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Thanks for all the advice!  I just had my baseline today and am scheduled for the transfer on February 15. Yours is coming up soon right?!?

As far as the safety the doc says there no way to tell for sure until we are in the situation. He did say he isn’t scared to transfers two though. As far as reducing there isn’t anyway we could do that And the doctor won’t make us.

Have you done accupincture? How often? Long before transfers or just the day before and the day after transfer?

I will look into vitamin d and meditation. I know the meditation would be very good for me!

Thanks for all the insight! Hope all is well with you!!