Topic: Provera false positive?

So my cycles are very unpredictable. After not having one for about 6 weeks, my doctor gave me Provera to induce my period before trying a cycle with clomid. I had a negative test before I started the meds. I finished the 10 days up with no period. I’ve had some strange spotting but only at night. It’s been about 5 days since I took it. I’ve been thinking my period was just around the corner. Yesterday my breast were heavy and tender feeling.

Well this morning, out of curiosity, i toon a pregnancy test and it came back as an unmistakable positive. I’m slightly freaking out because I know you’re not supposed to take Provera when you’re pregnant. Anyone have any experience with this? Can Provera cause a false positive?!?!

Re: Provera false positive?

A lot of the “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” stories are women who were on depo provera, so it can happen. I don’t think there’s any way it could cause a false positive. And since you’ve already finished it, there shouldn’t be any additional risk to the baby. The biggest risk is inducing miscarriage, but that likely would have happened by now.

Re: Provera false positive?

Thank you!!!! I'm slightly less panicking now. :-)